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The cute video of the baby listening to mother’s song will surely melt your heart

We often come across many videos on the internet where we can see the bond of babies with their mothers and the videos are exceptionally cute. It is also true that netizens love to watch these types of videos and share their reactions. Well, it feels like these cute videos often make our day even better isn’t it? And recently such an adorable clip is spreading on the internet which will surely make you smile!

So the short clip was first posted on Twitter by a  Twitter username @buitengebieden_ , and as soon as the Twitter user posted this video it went viral with lakhs of views. This 38-second video clip features a woman who is seen carrying her baby in her arms. In this video, it can be seen that the woman is singing beautifully a song and by the reactions of the baby, it can be said that the baby is surely enjoying her mother’s voice. The baby showed all the expressions of sheer joy and wonder, as the baby looked at the woman. The child even rested her face on her hands and was listening to her mother’s beautiful voice with a cute smile. 

The Twitter user uploaded this video and captioned it, “sweet baby listening carefully to mom’s song”

So as the video went viral it has already gained more than thousands of lives and retweets. And of course, netizens cannot stop themselves from liking and commenting on the video post. The comment section is overflowed with a lot of sweet comments and the people are crushing over the baby. Some of the people were not able to take their eyes off the baby’s cute smile. Some of them were really amazed by how the baby was so mesmerized by the mother’s voice. Well, the comment section also had some funny comments as people were also comparing their babies with this baby, and people were sharing their experiences too. 

One Twitter user commented, “Thank you. That is more than just beautiful. Viewing it caused a flashback to more than 30 years with my daughter”. Another user commented that “you can almost see all those little neurons firing making brand new connections all about sounds, rhyme, and Meter, faces, mirroring behavior and love.” One more user commented about how beautiful this video is and how gorgeously the baby was mesmerizing his mum. One Twitter user also pointed out how cutely the baby was keeping her hand on the cheek. One Twitter user even shared how her babies react when she sings. She commented, “so jealous. when I used to sing to my babies they would reach up to cover my mouth. I could only do a humming talk, sing with their approval”.

Indeed it was a cute video that has already won many people’s hearts and can also make your day better!



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