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A Charpai that cost around Rs 41k. A New Zealand website sells it

This New Zealand website sells a Charpai for rupees 41,297 and the brand named Annabelle’s has listed it. The brand renamed the famous Indians Charpai that is the cot as a vintage Indian daybed on their official website. The website has also described the Indian Charpai as one of a kind and original. The brand was originally going for the price tag of 1200 NZD. That is in Indian money it must have crossed around rupees 61,980 approximately. However later after putting a discount price the Charpai is now available for a price range of RS  41,297. 

Well, an Indian Charpai is a bedside of Bhuvan webbing or hemp stretched on a wooden frame on four legs. It is one of the traditional furniture of India and it is made up of some wooden frames and natural fiber ropes. Nowadays, Indians also make these Charpais with metal frames and plastic tapes. A Charpai or a cot in India would cost around Rs 800 and if you buy it of very high quality then it might go up to Rs 10000. However, the product that is sold on the website from New Zealand has now the headline because of its use price tag, and also many social media users, especially Indians, are sharing the news and commenting on it. Well, similes on the use of a luxury fashion brands bag that is a shopping bag were being sold for rupees 1.5 lakh that left the whole internet amazed. The bag was actually from a fashion brand named Balenciaga and looks very much like Desi where many Indians use it just to buy vegetables in the local market. The bag that Indian zoos are easily available at minimal price and the simple desi bag getting sold by a very luxurious brand with such a huge price tag went instantly viral before.  

This again is similar to news of simple Indian furniture called charpai being sold by a New Zealand website with such a huge surprise that is again going viral and many internet users are commenting on it by saying how easily and with a cheap price tag this particular furniture is found almost everywhere in India. Also, a fact that a desi Indian furniture which is found at the price range of rupees 800 getting sold at a price range of 41K in the foreign countries by people are looking at it and thinking to buy it is what took many Indian social media users by shock. 

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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