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This is why #DelhiRains is trending on Twitter! The video goes viral!

Currently, the hashtag #DelhiRains is going very much viral on Twitter and all the photos and videos and others have started going trendy too.  Well, Delhi city received heavy rainfall on Tuesday i.e. August 31, and on Wednesday i.e. September 1 and that resulted in the trending news of this particular hashtag. The heavy rainfall led to waterlogging in several parts of the city and the national capital region is also covered with water right now. Twitter is filled with many pictures and videos of the waterlogged streets of Delhi and some people have also shared their experiences in these waterlogged areas. 

Many people are sad how driving has become difficult for them in the street which is filled with water and as Delhi has received early morning hours on Wednesday the heavy rains that continued in the capital region. Due to the issue of waterlogging in several streets of Delhi, traffic jams are occurring in various parts of the city now and some data users have also said the scenic shots of them entering the weather at the same time. Other people also posted videos and the aftermath of heavy rainfall and a Twitter user wrote “A great morning thunderstorm adds 30mm to the Tally taking the last 24 hours rain for the tally to 18 mm at my observatory till 7 a.m. #delhirains.” 

Many such videos of Delhi getting heavily filled with water to the heavy rain and also streets getting over being flooded with water are going viral on several social media platforms. Some users are enjoying the weather and the people who especially love rain are loving the season. There are also a huge number of people who are very much troubled with the streets being filled with water as driving has become difficult for them and we cannot travel to one place quickly in this condition of Delhi. Well, another Twitter user speaking about the heavy rain in Delhi wrote ” It’s raining heavily on the campus. Walk from the hostel to the lab was fun today. #Rain #DelhiRaason. ” Well, indeed there are many beautiful streets of Delhi which look beautiful in this heavy rainfall too. However, areas that are facing serious issues of waterlogging and the streets are completely blocked due to the extreme water logging problem, there will be continuous problems for people passing through that region. Until the rainfall is completely stopped and all the water gets dried up. Talking about the Hashtag of #DelhiRains it is getting more trendy every second as many people are continuously sharing the news of Delhi and how the streets are getting waterlogged. Whereas at the same time some people are also sharing beautiful pictures of Delhi looking adorable under the heavy rainfall.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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