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A couple from Canada adopts a rescue dog from India!

Currently, a dog’sdog’s story that seems like a complete dream is going wildly viral on several social media platforms. People who came across the story of this fantastic dog are in absolute love with it. Also, people show their love for other dogs and are happy for them to be rescued. Finally, as for the reports, the dog called Indy got rescued in India. It had to travel for 5 days so that it could eventually reach its home. It got a forever home, and people are happy about it. The family coming to the new Pet is in love with it right now. 

It is always a special moment for a family to welcome a new member. And especially if it is your Pet you have wanted for a long time, people go crazy and are happy about it. However, this one couple was extraordinary in choosing a perfect pet for their families. They decided to have a dog that had to travel across the world to reach them. 

The adoption of the rescued dog:

As per the reports, the couple is currently living in Canada. And this dog had to travel from India to Canada to reach its family. The dog has finally arrived at his forever home, and people are pleased to know about it. A sweet video was shared online where you can see the Canadians meeting the new member of the family for the first time. The four-legged family member is now melting the hearts of many people around the globe, and it is getting shared widely.

 In India, many people are very much ready only to buy foreign breeds of dogs. This couple living in Canada is winning millions of people’s hearts, mainly social media users from India. They decided to adopt an Indian pariah stray. According to the sources, the dog was rescued from the streets. After they weighed for several months, they finally got everything done and finished with the paper works. Havilah Heger Wiley and her husband Stephen finally welcome their new family member and meet the canine. Talking about the viral Instagram video, you will see the young couple documenting the beginning of the journey.

The happy family:

 The special day of their life right from nervously going to the airport to meet the dog. You will get to see everything in the video. They also have named their pet dog Indy. The video shows the pooch gently approaching the couple. It comes out of the carrier and sniffs its new family members. “A little shy at first, but didn’t take long to bond. Welcome home, Indy,” the couple wrote in the caption of the now-going viral video. The dog was adopted through the Dharamsala Animal Rescue in India, according to the sources. The couple came up with another post where they showed Indy’sIndy’s adoption story. 

The lady also said that it took 5 days for the Indian dog to reach the dam, and they also activated 2 days for her connecting flight in Toronto. “She is gentle, sweet, goofy, and FULL of energy,” the woman said while talking about their new Pet. Sharing more details about Indy’sIndy’s rescue, Wiley said the dog was hit by a vehicle, and it happened when she was just a puppy and her leg and tail were injured. “Her tail never recovered and had to get amputated, so now she has the cutest little stub tail,” she said. 

Nevertheless, the couple was determined to adopt the dog. “We are SO obsessed and wildly in love,” the woman said. After the adoption, the family has recently shared many daily adventures with their new family member. They also went on treks and showed the dog growing fond of digging the snow and meeting new friends in the neighborhood.

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