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Students on St Patrick’s Day with Green Screen and Green Attire lead to hilarious photo fails.

We usually find so many pictures that go wrong in very drastic incidents. Many such pictures become hilariously so bad that people cannot just get enough of them. Also, it tends to hit the headlines just because of how funny it can be. Many people use a green screen or chroma to get help in editing a picture or a video. As per your need, you can change the background and edit as per your lights. However, this one experiment was done using chroma and was so wrong that people went crazy about it. 

Pictures went wrong:

Talking about the viral going picture, you will see the US School students looking funny in this picture. After many students turned wearing green attires, this US school went so viral. THIS YEAR, the US School conducted a photo session on St Patrick’s Day. The background that they had edited in the photos merged with the green outfits that the students wore. 

So in total, it gives us such a hilarious result that people cannot stop laughing. The photo fails are noticed by many people around the globe right now. Also, the parents of the students studying at Sugar Grove Elementary School in Indiana are sharing the pictures. They also received the picture proof from the studio editing it. We often see so many photos that always make the headlines. Some because of the adorable cuteness, while some of the funny twists added to it. Especially when we have kids in the pictures is always mens or hard how this particular photo that event completely wrong is not something that will melt your heart because of the adorableness. But it is something that will make your day because of the funny twist added to it.

The viral story:

One of the parents, Amanda Snow, sent her kindergartener Oliver in a green shirt. She posted about the entire story and how the pictures were just a complete failure. The chroma fails posted online on a local mom’s Facebook group went viral. Sheesha the images in the group to see if anyone had received similar pictures like her. As per the reports by, she soon received replies from other moms. 

They all shared similar pictures. “Honestly, I just couldn’t wait to see other parents’ pictures, and it ended up being just a hilarious fiasco, just because it’s so funny,” stated Snow. Also, a picture showing one of the girl students wearing green went viral. It turned out to be a flower bed while you could see a boy’s head popping out of a farm field in another. A boy in another picture looks as if he was cut into two by a dirt road, and a pickup truck was going to pass through the midsection.

Well, it seems like the parents face many issues while explaining the pictures to their kids. Also, many of them laugh after watching such adorable, funny photos of the kids. “It was hard to explain to him what was happening because he’s 6. But as soon as he saw all the different options, he was laughing because it looks like he’s a fence, or it looks like he’s a field,” said Amanda revealing her son’s reaction. 

The studio that came up with these pictures also clarified that the final images would not have the same mistakes. There were some mistakes present that is in the proofs. However, many parents now want to keep the photos with them. Well, it seems like they love the souvenirs.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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