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A delivery driver saves a dog’s life! Netizens are proud of him!

Quick thinking can always save anyone from a dangerous situation and this is what exactly happened and thanks to a delivery driver. He was captured saving a dog’s life in China after its leash got stuck in an elevator and the entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera installed in the lift. The video was then posted online on the internet and as soon as it was available online it went viral online triggering worrisome reactions among netizens. 

The video only lasts for 1.28-minute and in the clip the dog was seen walking into the elevator. The dog was seen walking with its leash trailing behind. After some time, as the door closes and the lift begins to descend, the dog’s leash gets stuck between the two doors. The dog was then getting pulled towards the ceiling. The pooch was seen really to get free from the grio and is seen being lifted off the ground as the lift moves to another floor. 

Fortunately, on the next floor, there was a delivery driver who rescued the cute dog. He was quick enough to help the dog and rescue it. Well, initially the man seemed to be really shocked to see the dog in the lift hanging from it. Then the man immediately jumps to action and catches hold of the pooch. He tries to remove its collar and then successfully rescues the dog. The man later in the video is seen going on to look for the dog’s owner. Since the clip has been shared online, it has gone crazy viral on several social media platforms. Many netizens were shocked to watch the video. 

Some also were seen commenting and filling the comment section of the video with comments that praised the man who saved the dog.  Also there were so many comments found on the comment section of the video that called the dog “extremely lucky”. All the netizens who watched the video were very thankful for the driver to think quickly and handle the situation so well by saying that the dog’s life was successful in such a critical situation. Also praised the delivery driver for aptly handling the situation.

 A user was seen commenting in the comment section of the video saying, “It could’ve gone so terribly wrong. What a relief that someone was there at that crucial moment!” Well surely the short video clip is one of the most found videos right now and people are happy to find out about the delivery man who managed to save the dog and also went further to find the dog’s owner as seen in the video.

source = youtube
Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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