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A hilarious yet adorable video of a parrot checking out a traffic camera. Watch it right now!

Can we ever get enough of hilarious yet adorable videos of animals and birds showing the funny sides to us humans making our day? When you are looking for such a video then you have come to the right place as here we will be showing you an  inquisitive parrot who decided to check out a traffic camera in Brazil. This adorable bird managed to catch the eyes and attention of so many social media users as its video has gone crazy viral on the Internet and is currently winning the hearts of millions of people out there. 

Now, the avian playing peekaboo, isn’t surely something that you will find every day on the social media platforms. The adorable bird was seen very attracted to the surveillance camera in Brazil and has left netizens amazed online. A turquoise-fronted amazon parrot got so curious and attracted towards an electronic device located in Curitiba, that it started checking out. The southern Brazilian state of Paraná is where this incident happened. The avian was recorded peering into the lens on the busy BR-116 route near the city.

Well the bird was busy in its photobombing moment and netizitens seem to have fallen in love with it. Road management company Arteries Planalto Sul came across the clip and decided to share it on their official Twitter account. Well, as soon as the video was available online, it spread like wildfire on other social media platforms as well. The  “special visitor” repeatedly “just looking” through the lens. It was interrupting the camera to record as vehicles passed by and all the netizens were thrilled to see the antics of the playful parrot. In the past few months it is not the only one that is seeing so much excitement towards a CCTV camera and many similar incidents have been caught and had on social media platforms. 

Well, in fact in April, two toucans were filmed pecking at a camera. It was fixed atop a traffic light near the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo and the birds  appeared to be really hungry so they even tried to “eat” the camera. The footage showed them biting the device and again it became very viral. Well another similar case of curious birds just like the highway cameras was found. Earlier, back in the year 2019, a seagull took the internet by storm when it decided to go ahead and check out a CCTV camera in London. Well, it is a true fact that to study these adorable animals and birds with their curiosity regarding the new technology and devices always tends to make a day as your videos read instantly on the social media platforms and reach to us in the most hilarious way it can.

source = youtube
Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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