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A dog runs away with the ball during the Women’s T20 match. Takes the internet by storm due to its cuteness.

We often get to see many cute and adorable videos of animals where they never lack behind in showing their funny side to the public on social media platforms. Many such viral videos of dogs playing around with humans go instantly viral on famous platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Well, similarly such a video of a dog running away with a ball in its mouth during an ongoing Women’s T20 match is taking the internet by storm. 

Thousands of netizens who watch the video on several social media platforms are loving the dog and the video is constantly getting shared on several social media platforms and is going viral. Due to the sudden action by the dog, the match turned into a hilarious event in which the dog is spotted in a video running on the cricket ground with the ball in its mouth. The match is actually ongoing and the match was between Bready and CSNI. 

This cute and funny video lasted for 36 seconds but it was enough to win many hearts on the internet. The players in the video are seen busy playing the match with all their concentration but the dog was on some other mission. Batter Abbey Leckey hit the ball just a little behind the keeper in the match and the fielder was running to pick the ball. However, nothing went as per their plan as the fielder threw the ball towards the wicket-keeper and that’s when the dog made its entry into the field.

 It appeared on camera that the wicket-keeper collected the ball and threw it at the stumps. However, it got missed as the dog took the chance and caught the ball in its mouth. After getting the ball, the dog started running away, much to the amusement of the crowd. The events turned to be more fun when the fielders started chasing the goofy dog to get their ball back from it. Also, a spectator may be the owner, also joined in the chase. The whole crowd burst out in laughter, including the commentators and players. Finally, at the end of the video, we can see that the dog ran towards the batter at the non-striker’s end, Aoife Fisher. 

It was very happy to receive its share of a pat. The comment said while laughing “Oh, oh, the dog has the ball.” The viral video has got more than 3 million views till now and many netizens loved the goofy dog and the remarkable thing that it did on the match. A Social media user said “Best fielder of the day,” whereas others commented on how much they loved the video. Civil Service North, an account on Twitter shared a photo of the adorable dog whose name is Dazzle. The caption of the post is “The player of the moment, Dazzle, loving her new CSNI cap!”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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