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This football game’s video goes viral! Fans at the stadium catch a stray cat falling from the upper deck using the American flag!

Currently, a video of a cat is going very much viral on several social media platforms for some reason. It is not uncommon when an animal has entertained many people on the internet with its cute adorable videos. Well, this particular cat has taken it to a whole new level when it was captured on camera by getting saved from losing its life that too in a stadium where a football game was going on. The cat fell from the upper deck at the Hard Rock Stadium located in Miami, US. Luckily the people nearby saw the cat following and they were quick to catch it. The video of this particular cat being saved by people using an American flag and so much viral that many social media users have been left amazed due to the quick responses by the people and the scene that the cute little cat created. The audience was present at the stadium to watch and enjoy a college football game but nothing went as per the plan. 

In the video, we can see how spectators’ attention switched from the field to the stands as the black and white cat fought and struggled to cling onto the ledge for its life and stop it from falling. People who were seated on the upper deck of the stadium tried to put the dangling cat down for its safety but they could not succeed in their mission. So the cat hung that for a little while with two front paws. Later it was struggling to save itself using its only one paw and then it fell. However, the feline fans were standing underneath using an American flag so that they could save the cat. The people in the stadium used the American flag as a safety net to catch the following cat. 

The cat correctly landed right in it and before bouncing off and then later it was scooped off by a  nearby person. The person then held the cat aloft to show that it’s completely safe and sound. all the people in the stands started cheering and the iconic scene was so much similar to the one that we see in the animated movie The Lion King. It was a very certain incident that happened in the stadium and many were just left shocked by it. However, it soon turned out to be a hilarious event that caught the eyes of so many netizens who watched the video online on several social media platforms online and they made this particular video one of the craziest viral videos to date. According to the report given in the USA today, the stadium security staff collected the cat and took it to a safe place away from the excited people. Luckily the cat did not have any signs of injury. A spectator at the game named Craig  Cromer claimed it was his flag that was used as a safety net for the falling cat. 

He also said that the cat was dangling from the deck and had peed on the onlookers below because it was really scared. The Miami Hurricanes football team was currently playing in that stadium when this incident took place and it really turned out to be a very hilarious moment for all of them. The coach of the Miami Hurricanes football team, Manny Diaz spoke about the incident and jokingly said that he will see about giving the cat a scholarship for this show-stopping scene.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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