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A dream came true: Little boy’s first flight amazed many!

It is true that dreams come true sometimes because of our luck or sometimes because of hard work. Well this little boy’s dream is now becoming famous worldwide. Everybody who came across the viral force is going crazy about it and a super tea for the young. Boarding a plane for the first time can be special for many people. 

Well however this young kid who was boarding a plane for the first time experienced something really magical and amazing. His first time on the plain was a memorable moment for his entire life and also was a surprise for many to know. He was greeted by Black pilot and his mother had the story and the precious moment. Along with sharing the highlight she stated ‘representation matters’. Keeundra Hatley Smith was traveling with her children recently. That is when she was surprisingly met by a person of color as the Captain of the American Airlines planes. “In my 30 years of living I’ve never even seen a Black pilot in person…not even on TV! [sic]”. Well she shared the story and wrote it in one her Instagram account.

First Black pilot to see:

 “I’ve never seen anything like this so this is probably why I never even had aspirations of being a pilot,” the woman added further. Then, she also added that she flies quite often and was surprised this time for sure. “But my son, he was able to get on his first plane ride and had a Black pilot get us to our destination [sic],” the mother said. Well, she also let us know that her child is actually obsessed with airplanes and is a huge fan of it.  The clip showed us the pilot initially greeting and waving at the toddler. Then, surprisingly, he also invited the kid in the cockpit.

A dream came true:

 Showing us a sweet gesture, the pilot then asks the young kid whether he wants to touch the controls and sit on the pilot’s seat. The happiness of the young kid when the captain took off his cap and placed it on the child is worth watching. He also gets a cool picture to remember the amazing time he spent there on his first flight. “Y’all this moment was everything to me. This is black history,” the kid’s mom added. Well, everyone who came to know about the incident already was left with a heartwarming smile. Also to make a note a fact that is amazing to many people around the globe is that it actually happened during the Black History month. 

It is celebrated in February every year. Currently the woman also updated that she was finally able to find the captain on social media platforms. She expressed how happy she was because of his sweet gesture towards her kid. She said “Thank you once again for being the rock to create the ripple.” The video was also shared by the little boy, Knight, on his Instagram profile, with the caption: “In a few years I will be captain.” Truly a very heartwarming video to watch today and to not miss at all. 

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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