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Old lady in a saree climbs one of the toughest peaks of Western ghats!

If you are someone who believes that age is just a number that this article is surely something that you should read. This old lady proves that age only slows down the human body but the spirit inside you to do the things you like never decreases. The video of this moment from Bangalore is going crazy viral on the Internet and is actually really all over the internet.

Who is this lady?

 It is creating a buzz across the world and people are just shocked to see this video. Well, 62-year-old Nagaratnamma from Bangalore is making it to the headlines just because of a brave act and she being the one to do everything that she likes even in this age. Nagaratnamma was able to scale one of the toughest peaks of the Western Ghats. Well, in the now going viral video of her will just prove the incredible and highly inspirational she is. Well, the video was initially shared on an Instagram account by Vishnu. The video shows an old lady climbing to the top of the peak that is called Agasthya Koodam. The peak is situated in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. Nagaratnamma is seen climbing the peak with the help of a rope tied at one end.  

Also, it’s not the only reason why this video is so famous and going viral everywhere. Well, also the fact that the 62 year old woman was climbing such a tough peak while wearing a saree is what amazed the many.  Thus, Nagaratnamma’s spirit is what makes people believe that anyone can do anything by just working hard. “One of the highest and toughest hiking peaks in the Sahyadri mountain range. This is Nagaratnamma doing rope climbing on 16th February 2022. She came with her son and friends from Bangalore. 

The viral video to watch:

This was her first trip outside Karnataka. She said for the last 40 years after her marriage she had been busy with family responsibilities. Now, since her children have all grown up and settled down, she can pursue her dreams. Nobody could match her enthusiasm and energy. It was one of the most motivating and enriching experiences for all those who watched her climb,” says the caption of the now-going viral post. The video clip has now got a lot of applause from netizens from around the globe. People from all around the globe are amazed with the old lady doing such a hard job so smoothly.  She was literally scaling through the tough peak so effortlessly. 

Many social media users who watched the video said that they loved her enthusiasm. Truly it is hard to find such inspirational videos every now and then. many social media users who came across the video asking the comment section of the post without positive reviews. There were also netizens thinking how an old lady can be so active and perform such hard tasks. There are also people from around the globe who claim that they want just half of the enthusiasm as this lady to achieve their goal. Surely a must to watch video if you have not watched it till now.

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