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A drunk girl from Delhi creates chaos by pushing army personnel and kicking their Jeep

We often get to see many shocking videos where people who get fully drunk become very chaotic and the videos quickly go viral on many social media platforms. Two days back a drunk girl playing on the road and creating nuisance in public was caught on camera and that video of the drunk girl instantly went viral and took the internet by storm. 

Currently, a viral video of a drunk girl from Delhi which was again caught on camera is getting highly shared on the internet.

This 22-year-old girl from Delhi is seen attacking an army vehicle as well as in the video she is also seen pushing a Jawan in Gwalior which took the internet by storm. In this shocking video, the 22-year-old girl shamelessly got caught in a case of crime and she allegedly attacked an army vehicle and also she pushed the army personnel within the jurisdiction of Padav police station in Madhya Pradesh Gwalior. 

This incident took place on Wednesday night and the video of the incident has gone insanely viral. The viral video shows the drunk woman creates ruckus on the road. On the night of Wednesday, she intercepted an army vehicle and kept on repeatedly kicking it. Army personnel in the video is seen alighting from the vehicle to stop the drunk woman. However, she did not take a step back, and shockingly she started pushing him back in front of hoards of onlookers. The drunk woman in the video did not like the army Jawan attempting to stop her and thus she fired up in defiance. 

The eyewitness of this incident on Wednesday night also stated that this 22-year-old drunk woman even made obscene remarks and held abuses at each of the passersby on the road. It took around 30 minutes for the police to take this woman into custody and the reason behind this was the absence of any female cop on the spot. 

As there was no female cop available on duty at that time at the Pandav police station when this information was reached to the police station. As the cops got the information about the incident they contacted the control room quickly and also few female constables reached the spot where the incident was taking place. They took the girl into custody and a case was filed. The 22-year-old accused the girl claimed that she was actually a model from Delhi and she reached Gwalior to attend an event. 

The girl also claimed that she and her friends were having a party at a city hotel and due to an argument with one of our friends she got really upset. She left the hotel and created this Chaos on the road under the influence of alcohol. As per the FPJ report given by the police officer “Based on the medical report she was booked under relevant sections of Excise act. She was released on bail. No complaint was lodged by the army personnel so far.” The particular incident occurred weeks after the Lucknow girls’ similar incident. The Lucknow girl named Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav was seen in public assaulting a cab driver. The video of the girl went viral like wildfire in cyberspace. Also another woman a few days later was caught on camera where she was harassing and slapping an auto rickshaw driver. Two policemen were also present at that spot in the Uttar Pradesh capital when this incident took place. This particular video also shocked many netizens.

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