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Neet 2021 question paper leaked? Rumors confirmed and #operationNEET trends!

Currently, the rumors of the NEET 2021 question paper getting leaked and also the NEET 2021 exams getting postponed are highly viral on many social media platforms. Both news is fake and also so the hashtag of operation need is trending on Twitter which raises concern among all the students who will be attempting for NEET this time. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test that is NEET is for undergraduate admissions for students who want to apply to medical as well as dental colleges. 

The exam is scheduled for tomorrow, September 12, 2021. A few days back the rumors of the examination getting postponed, that is NEET UG 2021 will not be conducted on September 12 went viral which was confirmed as fake. Students have been ever since advised to stay focused at the time. The current situation is that hashtag of operation NEET is taking Twitter by storm and is currently trending highly since yesterday after an alleged sting operation was conducted by a media channel. 

source = news9live

As per the given report, the channel allegedly uncovered the Nexus of cheating Mafia that operates in Rajasthan state. The sting operation named the operation NEET alleges the name of few people who purposely charge lakhs of rupees from aspirants in lieu of medical seats in government as well as in private medical colleges. As per the report given by the channel around 25 to 30 lakhs are charged for one particular SC-ST seat while 60 to 70 lakhs rupees are charged for general category seats in a medical or dental College.

The investigation for this case is currently ongoing and it is suggested that it will be carried out in November of this year however no information has been shared about it. Regarding the rumor of the NEET 2021 question paper getting leaked it is also completely false. As per the media report it is still awaited however there is no reason to believe that the question paper of this particular exam has been leaked or the examination is postponed. Many people have been demanding that the examination be postponed for a few days now but there is no official notice given by the government. 

The report given by the media channel has also claimed that the persons concerned have already been arrested by the police who are currently under the process of investigation. Also much more updates the given regarding this particular case. At present, there is no confirmation of the claims made regarding the postponed news of the exam or the question paper getting leaked. Also, there is no official statement given that is issued by authority police on any party concern regarding NEET.  Also, the NTA denied having received any complaints and said that all the news going around social media platforms regarding the leakage of the exam papers of NEET 2021 just a day before the exam is completely false. 

Also as per the information given by the NTA, there has not been any irregularity or breach in the security system either. Well, the students are advised to not believe any such news regarding the postponed news of the NEET 2021 exams, and also it is true that all the rumours are fake. As per the NTA director-general Vineet Joshi he said “It’s fake. Students are advised not to believe such news.”Currently, the internet and many social media platforms are abuzz with the reports and also many are trying to clear out the confusion among the students who are going to attend the NEET 2021 exams which will be conducted tomorrow on Sunday.

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