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A family in London makes a house with one way mirrors. Looks like a glass house!

A house made of glass is something that only most of us must have heard before. It is for sure that many of his might not ever seen or actually believed about it. But there is truly a house which is purely made of glass in London. As per the reports it is located in Richmond which is very eye-catching right now. Many local people are checking their appearance in this London’s invisible house. As per the reports it has reflective panels and that is what is making it heading the headlines now. 

The glass house:

The glass house became one of the trendiest topics on the social media platform. One of the Reddit users wrote about it saying, “Trying to work out if I can take selfies in this or if the owners inside can see me doing it.” Another social media user who came across the topic also stated that he lived in the borough for about 10 years.  Also he has driven past the glasshouse more times than he could count. However, talking about it he stated that he “honestly” never noticed it. Well,  another social media user also said that might be a lot of work that will be hitting the glass house. 

So there were many people around the globe who came across the topic and were impressed with the idea of having this house. “I love the idea that this is semi-transparent glass and you can see completely outside of the house from the inside. Would be unlikely though, and certainly bump up your leccy bill,” a comment read on the Reddit post. A social media user was also seen asking whether the place was a residential or commercial.  “Does anyone know anything about it? Is it residential or commercial? I’ve tried googling it and can’t find any info about it,” the user asked. Replying to this user’s many statements that this house is actually a residential place. 

Details about the story:

The home is located on a very busy road of  A316  by the Richmond Circus roundabout. Well, it is near Richmond Underground station. According to the sources, the family who lives in this house remains anonymous. Having a chat with MyLondon, the family members revealed that their house features one way mirrors. The people who cross this house cannot see what is happening inside their home. Whenever they even get close the residence can only look outside but no one can see what is going inside. 

They also mentioned the often people adjusting their hair and clothes and the giant mirrors of their home. The family members also stated that when the designer gives this idea to them he talks about how these mirrors will make their house ‘talk with its environment’. When it is the main reason behind them making this house. “You can see the trees on the roundabout and the clouds reflecting onto the house,” they further added. Well all that is not a very transparent house it is for sure a mirror house that has a lot of one way mirrors making it a very uniquely styled home.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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