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A family welcomes a baby girl in a helicopter!

In this modern world, couples want everything to be high take and super fancy. From the wedding to the baby’s welcome, they want everything to be captured on camera so that they can’t still remember and enjoy the special moments of their life in the future. Will some couple stick it to a whole new level when deciding to make everything so extra dramatic and fancy? We find so many incredible videos that often leave us speechless on several social media platforms. 

In a country where many parents still want sons over daughters, this Maharashtra family hit the headlines recently. The family from Pune, Maharashtra, was able to give a very grand welcome to the newborn daughter. The couple decided to arrange a helicopter for the daughter as per the reports. Not only these, but also they wanted to Take the daughter for the first time in the family in a very joyful event. The viral video clip of them welcoming the baby girl after watching it.  

The Grand welcome of the newborn baby:

“We didn’t have a girl child in our entire family. So, to make our daughter’s homecoming special, we arranged a chopper ride worth Rs 1 lakh,” said Vishal Zarekar. He is the girl’s father and saying it while speaking to ANI as they quoted it in a tweet. Talking about the viral video clip, you will see a man holding a baby girl. He is caring for the child from the chopper and is then handing her over to Zarekar. Later, the man enters a car, and you will see a woman smiling and cajoling the baby. 

The baby and her mother are also seen in the video heading to words the car. Other women gathered and were seen looking at the child with pure love and their eyes. Many social media users comment in the post’s comment section, talking about the entire vast and grand event. Some social media users also share their love, love, and blessings in the post’s comment section for the little newborn baby girl. Whereas the other people who also raised the lord of concerns regarding the baby’s full stop, some people on social media also said that the family’s entire act is a little bit pleased. 

Reactions of the social media users:

Some people raised the lord of concerns over the family’s money. Also, some people said that the chopper might impact the baby as the chopper’s noise is loud. “Great motivation story; nice to see Indian families celebrating the birth of a girl child!” said a social media user who came across the entire story in the post’s comment section. “Don’t mean to spoil the party, but if they have lakh, it’s Better to donate, lot of children, be it boy or girl, are suffering in orphanages,” said another social media user after knowing about the event organized by the family. 

“Is it safe for a newborn to travel via helicopter? The loud sound and other problems in this mode of commute. Debatable. But good to see someone is welcoming a girl child this way. Appreciate the intent,” wrote another user. Well, one said a similar event happened in India again when the very viral last year. Last year in April, another family from Rajasthan had a welcome to they are a newborn child. As for the reports, the family decided to welcome the newborn daughter by hiring a helicopter. The family was able to cover a distance of around 40 km. This caught a lot of attention from social media users from around the globe at that time.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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