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A farmer from Bihar becomes a crorepati overnight! Know the reason here

You can surely imagine the happiness you will experience when someone credits crores of rupees in your bank account out of nowhere. Surely you will be on cloud nine. When this incident happened to an elderly man from Bihar. Ram Bahadur Shah from Muzaffarpur district in Bihar has actually received around ₹ 52 crores credited in his pension account. He also made an appeal to the government. His only appeal was: “provide us with some of this money so that we can spend the rest of our life smoothly”

When Ram Bahadur Shah first came to know about this, he was really surprised and shocked when a customer service point (CSP) official informed him that more than ₹ 52 crores has been credited to his pension account. This news really surprised both the man and the officer when this matter was discovered. 

Ram Bahadur Shah who is farmer said that when he reached the nearby customer service point officer just to check the amount in his pension account, and the moment he considered his thumb for verification and gave his aadhar card, the pension account balance was discovered to be around ₹ 52 crores. This really shocked Ram Bahadur Shah and regarding this, he also said that “we were shocked to hear this and wondered where the amount had come from.” He further said that “we have spent our life farming. I only appeal to the government to give some of this amount so that we can spend the rest of our life smoothly.” 

Well, this news was also confirmed by the son of Ram Bahadur Shah, Sujit Kumar Gupta as he was also surprised that more than ₹ 52 crores have been credited to his father’s account. Regarding this situation, Sujit Kumar Gupta said, “We are worried over the amount…. We demand that the government should help us as we are farmers and belong to a poor family”. 

Manoj Pander, the sub-inspector of Katra police station also said regarding the situation, “At present, we have informed the local authorities about the matter. Police will investigate the matter and question the officer of the concerned Bank in which he [Ram Bahadur Shah] has an account.”

Well, this is not the first time that someone has faced such a situation. Just some days before, a similar incident happened in Bihar Katihar district where two boys received around ₹ 962 crores in their bank accounts which were actually open for the scholarships and also other government benefits. The two students known as Ashish Kumar and Guru Chandra Vishwas had an account in the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank (UBGB) and it showed that they have a balance of ₹ 62 crores and ₹ 900 crores respectively. They actually came to know about this information when the outgoing village ahead of Pastia took some of the students to the local customer service point so that they can check their accounts are credited with the money for books and school dresses. The regional manager of (UBGB), Ram Nath Mishra, dismissed all the reports and said that they have got the statement of these two accounts and they also found that only ₹100 and ₹ 128 were deposited in them. The bank initiated an investigation into the matter. 

Similarly, a man from Khagaria district in Bihar received  ₹5.50 lakh in his account, due to some error by Gramin Bank, and recently he also got arrested after he refused to return it. He said that the money was sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a help in this lockdown. The bank officials also lodged a police complaint against him.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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