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Flyover collapses in Bandra Kurla complex! Know more information here

13 to 14 people got injured when a portion of the flyover that was in the construction collapsed. This under-construction Dover is located in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla complex. The flyover collapsed in the early hours today, i.e., around 4:30 a.m. This 1.3km flyover was being constructed on the Santacruz – Chembur link road, and the reason to built this flyover was actually to reduce the traffic which gets developed on the East-West link, besides for decongesting the Bandra Kurla complex area which is known as one of the biggest business districts of Mumbai. 

The city police and also the fire brigade personnel immediately went to the spot and according to an official of the fire brigade, he found that some people got injured and they were also taken to the nearby hospital. This news was reported by the news agency ANI.

According to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, “Total of 14 persons got injured after a part of a bridge collapsed in Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra east, earlier today. The condition of all the injured persons is stable.” 

According to the DCP of zone 8 Manjunath Singe, “a portion of the under-construction flyover connecting the Bandra Kurla complex made road and Santa Cruz-Chembur Link Road got collapsed around 4:30 a.m. 13 people have sustained minor injuries and have also been shifted to a hospital nearby. There is no life loss and no person is missing.”

Even though the 14 people were rescued safely and only minor injuries have caused them, still the inspections are going on at the site to check whether any other people have been trapped under the debris of collapsed flyover. So the officials are trying their best to clear out the difference as soon as possible and to check even more if any person is trapped under the debris. Talking about the injured workers they were also taken into the nearby Vile parle based V N Desai Hospital, and according to the doctors, now all the injured workers are well and their condition was stable, the officials said.

The police and fire brigade personnel along with some other authorities rushed to the spot as soon as they were informed about the tragic incident that happened in Bandra. And according to some preliminary reports, the workers, who are in an age group of somewhere between 21 to 49 years, were carrying out some work on the grinder at the moment when that particular portion of the flyover collapsed. 

As a huge portion of the flyover has collapsed this has caused huge traffic in the nearby areas. And as it was already expected that the traffic rules be jammed during peak hours, the officials have also diverted to the traffic and there also installed some caution tapes at the site so that no one will trespass the area. 

This tragic incident resembles the incident that happened in 2018 when the bridge located in Varanasi collapsed resulting in 18 people lost their lives. The tragic incident of the Varanasi flyover was even more dangerous than this flyover collapse as at that time 15 to 18 were reported killed and 11 people were also injured. The two pillars of the under-construction flyover collapsed resulting in the sliding of a huge slab that crushed many cars. And following the incident, the project manager was also suspended. 

Even 2 weeks before a similar incident happened in Madurai in Tamilnadu. Similarly under construction flyovers also collapsed and that resulted in the death of one worker. And for this incident, one FIR was also registered against the three people due to their negligence.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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