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A girl from Indore dances at the traffic signal creating a viral video. The reason has left many netizens amazed!

Well, a girl from Indore has gone viral on many social media platforms as her dancing video makes everyone amazed. In the video, she is seen dancing at a traffic signal after the lights turned red. The video of the Indore girl was recorded at Rasoma Square, which is one of the busiest roads in the city and we can see in the video that many people stopped by to look at her performance in the middle of the road. The youngster decided to do this dance for a campaign that was started by the Indore Police. Indore Police came up with an idea before for people who could volunteer to control and guide the traffic for an hour on their relatives’ birthday. However, it was long back and the girl decided to dance now which left many netizens in confusion. Also, after the video, many social media users claim that this girl decided to dance suddenly just to get famous and it was a publicity stunt. 

Well, the short video clip lasted only for 30-second, and the girl in the video is Shreya Kalra. She is a model and in the video, she is seen performing to Let Me Be Your Woman by Doja Cat. As soon as the lights turned red Shreya Kalra suddenly started dancing on the zebra crossing and also a person had accompanied her. This person captured the video of Shreya dancing to the peppy song and she continued dancing at the signal until the lights went green again and also appealed to people to wear a mask through her short performance.

Well, the authorities served her a notice for a traffic violation, and also the traffic department appealed to the youth to be safe and sound. The DSP also asked youngsters to do only those activities for entertainment that prevent harming others or themselves. After this incident got very viral on several social media platforms, Shreya Kalra took it to the official social media handles and clarified her motive. She stated the reason behind making the video and also at the same time she went to completely deny the fact that she broke the traffic rules. As per Shreya Kalra, she decided to perform so that she can easily spread more awareness about wearing masks and stopping at a red light. On her official social media handle, Kalra also stated  “I don’t want to influence anybody else to do the same thing. The video was taken the wrong way. ”  Although she tried to make herself clear and said that her motto was only to spread awareness and her way of thinking was correct, many people did not believe in it, whereas some supported her.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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