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Along with witty and hilarious replies here’s how a psychology professor debunks the misinformation spreading on Tik Tok!

We often come across many videos on the Tik Tok platform that are very hilarious for sure. While scrolling through some of the videos you may have also seen some people talking about mental health but some of them are spreading misinformation on social media. But now a video debunking all this information by a psychology professor is becoming an internet sensation.

A psychology professor at San Diego Mesa College is recently becoming an internet sensation and her videos are spreading so quickly on the internet, and everyone is liking them a lot. The reason behind it is that several of the videos are the videos debunking the misinformation about mental health which are going viral on social media nowadays. 

According to some sources, Inna Kanevsky, the woman who lost debunk misinformation spreading on social media has a Ph.D. and also began posting psychology lessons on the video-sharing app so that she can adapt to online learning, but often she takes more interest and points out the misinformation which is being spread on the mass video sharing platform.

Her videos are so viral because of her fun and quirky manner to expose the fake information is the best thing that everyone likes about her. She is really a behavior expert and it is really easy for her to expose every false claim which is spread and which is dependent upon the psychological behavior and habits, and with this, she also roasts the people who are using the TikTok platform to spread the misinformation related to mental health

In one of the many videos that she has posted on her social media account, one can see that she always uses some phrases such as “you shouldn’t say ‘according to science’ when it isn’t. You shouldn’t say ‘studies show’ when there are no studies. Lying is unattractive.” I’m not stopping here. She also put forth all the proof she has related to these topics and she put forth this process in the form of many studies and theories so that she can support her claims. 

Talking to a news website CBS 8, Kanevsky also said that she has been teaching psychology for over 20 years she has no qualms to call out the wrong facts which have been shared on the social media platform. Talking about this, she said that her field is often misunderstood. 

While talking to the news website she also said that the idea of posting videos was actually for her students which she started last summer. She said that she started doing videos and posting them and she also sent them to her students and according to her it was the best summer class for her. But when she started debunking misinformation and started posting about it it actually gained a lot of attention and therefore the people also started attacking her and also showed many videos to her. And gradually, it went on continuously. She has a great fan base now and some videos have gained over 14 million views too!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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