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A Huge elephant gets stuck in a swamp! Know what happened next!

Well, wild animals are usually very much clear about the forest areas and the regions they should stay away from. It is very rare when a wild animal gets in trouble with the jungle or the regions they are not supposed to be with . Sensors always tell them where to go and where to not and that makes them one of the smartest animals. However sometimes they do 10 to get stuck inside they cannot get out by themselves. Usually the jungle is something that animals. But this one animal got stuck in such a way that it was not expecting it and was not getting out of it as well.

 The latest story of an elephant getting stuck in a swamp is hitting the headlines now. Many people who came across the story for the elephant, especially the forest workers, dedicated a lot of effort and rescue to the animal. Also as per the reports there rescue the animal safely in time and it was not hurt a lot. 

The shocking story:

According to the sources, the adult elephant found itself getting stuck in a swamp that is located in Gudalur Nilgiris. Well, it seems like the weight of the elephant was not letting it come out of the stick place. It was trying a lot to come out of it on its own but other weight hindered it more deep inside it.  well pachyderm tried its best to climb out for sometime. However it kept on falling inside to the swamp harder getting stuck more. So the workers located in the nearest Forest department took on the initiative to assist the mammal. 

They help the elephant and the story is now going viral on several social media platforms. the officials with the help of a rope and the forest of seeing trying to pull out the huge animal. The elephant was also trying its best to hold on to the rope while being dragged out of the swamp. Well,  Supriya Sahu, the Additional Chief Secretary of Environment Climate Change & Forests, Tamil Nadu, shared the story. She is also the monitoring officer for Nilgiris, and was seen sharing the clip on her official social media icon. She also wrote that the 25 year old elephant was surely a fighter.

The viral poster shared:

 She was sharing about the story and the video she stated, “The elephant too did not give up and showed exemplary fighting power to get out of the swamp holding on to the rope thrown by her rescuers.” Many social media users who came across the story were expressing how happy they were because of the effort by the entire team. Also it is a happy news that they were successfully able to carry the huge animal out of the swamp. The official letter also started sharing the images of the seven people who were a team helping other elephants stuck in a swamp. 

As for talking about the video, it went viral across the globe and many people appreciated them. The action taken by the forest department is for sure very much appreciative and many people love their initiative. There were also many people who were discussing the incident on the social media platform. Some people also suggested for them to take the steps and actually build ramps so that they can avoid situations. They can have ramps surrounding the swamps. So that the animals cannot get in such situations once again in the forest. Well the comment section of the post was also having with a lot of praises. Also, appreciation for the forest department officials. 

Many people are showering their love on them. And also are not sharing this story on several social media platforms making it one of the most trending videos right now.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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