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IPL 2022: Mahendra Singh Dhoni reveals a shocking decision made by him!

Many of the cricket fans have been waiting for the news regarding the upcoming cricket matches for a long time now. IPL 2022 has been doing rounds on the social media platform for a while now. Many people, especially the cricket lovers who are on social media platforms, are waiting for the updates. Also, there are so many cricket fans who are actually waiting for the IPL, Indian Premier league 2022 match. However one news by one of the most famous cricketers from India has left many friends hard broken. Many of the cricket fans were not expecting such sad news to be received right now. 

The sad announcement:

Well he has announced that he has taken this season to step down as Chennai Super Kings Skipper. As per the reports, social media users including fellow cricketers did not like this idea by MS Dhoni. Many people were also becoming super emotional on social media after getting the news. Well it will be the end of an era with G.O.A.T tweets and memes. It was the student before the beginning of the tournament and MS Dhoni decided to make this official announcement. 

He decided to pass the post to all rounder Ravindra Jadeja who will be leaving the theme and now. As per the reports Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not only become one of the most successful captains but also he was able to Man is the spin magic at the Indian Premier league. He was the one who won the title four times since 2008. He also started the same year. Well it’s been 7 years and later he decided to come up with this decision to quit the test cricket matches. And it is just after 2 years after he retired from the national side.

How did fans react?

 Well stepping down as the captain did not let him to take away from the tournament. He will be continuing to be an integral part of the yellow squad, lucky for the fans. Also all of his hands and the teammates were seen having a lot of emotional conflicts after coming across this decision all emotional with theory eyes after coming across the decision by MS Dhoni. Meaning of the people were also sharing the epic moments as well as the match winning scenes of him also on some media platforms. 

Others were also found sharing a lot of content regarding his decision. Along with this decision other things like the hashtags #CaptainCool and #MSDhoni is trending worldwide. Well as per the reports now jadeja will be performing the duties of the captain. The last time he was seen leading a team was back in 2007. It was when he was leading  Saurashtra Under-19 against Mumbai Under-19 in the Vinoo Mankad tournament. Well the match was conducted at the Western Railway Ground in Rajkot. Talking about it, the defending champions Chennai Super Kings will be opening their campaign. As for the reports the campaign is against the last edition runner up. That is we are talking about the Kolkata Knight Riders. According to the sources it is at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Saturday.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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