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A huge snake being lifted by a crane from a rainforest!

The video of a huge snake being lifted out of the rainforest by a digger has recently gone viral online, which has left everyone shocked. This shocking video has been spreading on the internet and mostly on social media platforms for at least two weeks now, and thus, it has left millions stunned at the huge size of the serpent. Well, adding to this, several news articles have also speculated that it may be the world’s largest snake on record. Since the video surfaced on social media earlier this month, many news websites have also mistaken and incorrectly reported that the gigantic snake was found in Jharkhand. Especially, on the Indian social media platforms, the video went all sorts of viral with the claims that the huge snake was discovered in FCI Sindri in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. 

Even Parimal Nathwani, the Rajya Sabha member, wrote, “Massive! It took a crane to shift this #python weighing 100 kg and measuring 6.1 m length, in Dhanbad, Jharkhand,” as he shared the clip on Twitter. Well, he was among many netizens who posted the video along with similar captions and claims.

However, according to the reports of The Mirror, the snake was actually found by a group of workers who were clearing a part of a Dominica rainforest. The video was firstly shared on TikTok by the username @fakrulazwa and the video has been viewed over 79 million times on the platform. The TikTok account also shared another video, which showed that the people in the video were struggling to fit the snake inside a car. 

Later, as everyone came to know about the reality behind the video, NBT Bihar confirmed that the snake had not been spotted at any place in Jharkhand. Then, the local administration in Dhanbad also made a clarification that no such giant snake was found in any part of the district, and nor was there any instance of lifting a snake with a JCB machine. So eventually, all the rumors came to an end.

So, this hair-raising footage of the large snake being lifted by the crane is therefore not from Jharkhand, as previously speculated. But the video is known to be from Dominica. 

Well, according to the New York Post, it is not clear yet what kind of snake the viral video shows, as there was not any description. But according to them it may be the boa constrictor as it is one species that is native to the Caribbean island. In addition to this, these snakes can grow up to 13-feet. These snakes are also quite poisonous. Boa constructors bite their victim with their teeth before wrapping themselves around them and squeezing them to death. But still, the type of snake witnessed in the video is unknown, and not sure.

But the video itself has gained so much attention from everyone and is still circulating on the internet. It is indeed spine-chilling as we all may have seen these types of snakes in movies. It may be the first time to encounter such a big snake in real life. And the weight and height of the snake can make anyone even more stunned. 

Earlier this month, a case made headlines where a huge snake hanging from an overhead cable fell down, thus creating panic among the residents of Tagbilaran city in the Philippines, and the people who were clicking its pictures started to scream and run away. As the snake appeared to land on two-wheelers parked at the side of the road. While some people approached the huge reptile to check if it was alive.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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