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The young boy wanted Pope Francis’s skull cap, what happens next will win your heart!

Usually when the Pope talks, all eyes are on him and people listen to him carefully by paying attention to him. But at this time a small boy, however, took the limelight. The boy at the Pope Francis’ Vatican audience stole the show on Wednesday, by getting a seat at his side and a white purple cap as a reward of persistence after walking onto the stage. 

According to some reports, A young boy, who is known to be 10-years-old, was seated next to the Pope during one of his usual addresses, along with his other followers.

According to the video which was uploaded on the microblogging site Twitter, at first, the boy approached the Pope and he seemed to be a little hesitant at the beginning of the audience in the Paul VI Hall. But the security officials did not try to stop him from approaching the Pope, as he seemed to be harmless security-wise, so he was able to meet the Pope easily. Then, it can be seen that the boy shook hands with the Pope. He seemed to be really happy as he kept jumping with joy and happiness. Further, he continued moving around the leader along with the intention of staying with the Pope for a little more time. As Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza, the head of protocol realized that the boy wanted to stay with the Pope for more, he gave him a chair so that he could sit on the right side of the Pope.

As the Pope then resumed his address, the young boy was often spotted getting up and leaving the stage and then again returning back to it. As he was leaving and coming back again, the boy also started pointing out at the Pope’s zucchetto, which is the white skull cap. It grabbed the attention of the young boy and it seemed like he wanted it. He even once tried to pick it up from the Pope’s head. Soon the officials spotted the boy’s action and then quickly managed to find a similar skull cap for the little boy. The officials gave a similar skull cap to the boy and as they handed it to him, it brought a smile to his face.

Well, according to some reports and as per the Pope, the boy suffers from some medical “limitation”. He was seen wearing a mask, to follow the Covid protocols and he was dressed in a black tracksuit.

The Pope took this opportunity so that he could give his blessings to the boy. “I thank this boy for the lesson he has given all of us. May the Lord help him in his limitation, as he grows because what he did came from the heart,” the Pope said.

The 84-year-old pope also referenced the young boy during his address, by saying: “I was reminded of what Jesus said about the spontaneity and freedom of children when this child had the freedom to approach and move as if he were at home.

“And Jesus tells us if you don’t make yourselves like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

He also told the people who were present in the Paul VI hall inside the Vatican,, “Have the courage to approach the Lord. I thank this child for the lesson he taught us all.

“And may the Lord help him in his limitation, in his growth, because he has acted from the heart.”

The boy was later waved off the stage by Pope Francis, the boy was seen walking proudly as he was spotted wearing his brand new “zucchetto” (the type of small and round white ecclesiastical skullcap worn by the pope.)

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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