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A husky turns out to be a real Fox! The family was shocked to hear about it!

Many people like to have a companion who will always be there for them and who can be a better choice than a four-legged adorable company? Families nowadays adopt animals to have a wonderful, exciting life with them just like this family who decided to adopt a puppy. Adopting a puppy is no new thing to be found now but the family was shocked to know that their dog is a fox. Yes, you read that right! 

The family was really happy and all excited to have an adorable member added to their family. 

This Peruvian family’s plans were crushed when a scary deal landed on their hands. Well, bringing home a wild animal and especially a wild one for a lifetime is surely terrifying. They brought home a fox when Maribel Sotelo and her family were looking for a cute puppy. The family came across a small shop in central Lima where they found this small puppy perfect for their family.

The shop sellers outsmarted them and said that it was a Siberian husky which would be a good addition for their family. Well, the family bought the puppy home and in the beginning, everything was all fine.  They had an amazing time with the “puppy” who had all dog-like manners. The family decided to name the puppy Run Run. However, things started to change as the puppy started to grow up. As per Reuters, the ‘husky’ began to chase neighborhood chickens. 

Well, they found the pet killing ducks and eating them. After some time, the family came to know that the pet they lived with was not a husky dog but an Andean fox. The animal has thin legs, a bushy tail, a pointed head, and prominent ears resembling huskies. “A lady told us that it had eaten three large guinea pigs,” Sotelo stated. Well, the sad thing is that the family had to pay for the losses that their neighborhood had to face. 

The family believed for a long time that their pet was just a purebred husky and thus the Sotelos paid $13 for the dog from a small shop in Lim as per the BBC reports. The National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) in Peru stated wild animals are often bought by traffickers from Amazonian areas. They then sell them illegally in Lima and Run Run was just one of them. 

Well, the animal also lived up to his name, and later ran away from home. “He ate dog food, and when he was small, he even barked like a little dog,” said Sotelo while speaking to local EFE. Then, adding to it, it was the time during May when Run Run escaped. It was after almost six months when Peru’s Serfor wildlife service said Run Run was successfully tranquilized. It was earlier this week and then the fox was taken to the Parque de las Leyendas zoo. They took it there to examine the fox by veterinarian and Swefor has confiscated wild animals illegally owned by the public many times before. 

As per the reports, it has been filed over 125 times this year, as per the resources given by Silva. In Peru, the illegal trafficking of wild animals is considered to be a crime and one can be punished severely if they did so. The person can also be jailed and the period they have to be in prison will be around five years. When netizens came to know about this incident where a family had one of their members as a wild fox but they kept thinking of it to be a husky dog scared many for sure.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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