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Babar Azam replies to a heartwarming letter from my young fan and netizens are in awe!

At the ICC T20 World Cup which was conducted in Dubai, the Pakistan cricket team played quite an impressive performance during the match. But even though they gave their best they exited from the semifinals and this left all the fans back home heartbroken with the loss. As everyone was disappointed or heartbroken with the defeat there is this young fan who said that he is very proud of everyone in the Pakistan team which also includes skipper Babar Azam. The photo of this letter is trending all around social media. 

The heartwarming letter of the young boy was first shared by the journalist Alina Shigri on her Twitter account. The photo which she posted on Twitter is the handwritten letter from an 8-year-old boy who is now identified as Mohammed Haroon Suria. In the heartwarming letter, the little boy wrote that everyone played well in the match and further he wrote that he loves Babar Azam also noting his jersey number 56 at the top of the page. In the middle of the letter, the boy said that he thought his country would win but then in the middle, he felt nervous. He wrote in his letter, “I will make sure to invite all of your team to my team. He will go to the finals and win.”

The little boy also requested Babar Azam to write all the team members’ names and requested their signatures on a paper and send the paper to his home. The little boy further wrote that he loves Babar Azam and the whole Pakistan team, showing his admiration for Azam and his team. Then he concluded the letter with a sweet note that even if they lose or win he will still love them. He ended the letter by saying “we still love you”.

“From a future captain to current captain @babarazam258 I hope Babar Azam sends this 8-year old all the signatures.” Shigri wrote as the caption as she shared an image of the letter. 

Well, this letter is quite emotional for all the people and especially for the Pakistan team. This adorable letter indeed touched the hearts of many fans in the country. Well, soon the letter also spread at a wide range and reached the skipper himself. The letter is so adorable that the skipper had to reply to this letter and his reply is now winning everyone’s heart.

The Pakistani skipper also had a heartwarming response to the little fan as he thanked the child for the kind letter toward the Pakistani team and himself. The Pakistani team’s captain further said that he believes in the kid and believes that you can achieve anything with hard work and focus. He concludes the letter by saying that he can’t wait to send the autographs but then addresses the little kid as the future captain which has won many hearts. Replying to the letter the captain said:

“Dear Mohammad Haroon Suria,


Thank you for such a kind letter for us, champion. I ABSOLUTELY believe in you and you can achieve anything with your focus, belief, and hard work. You will get your autographs but I can’t wait to get YOUR autograph future Captain. “

Many netizens took to Twitter to thank Babar Azam for giving recognition to the kid’s letter and for his kind gesture and love towards the little boy. It seems like the medicines love the sweet conversation between the two and this is heartwarming. 

As Pakistan lost the match many cricket fans started criticizing the team for not winning the match. The fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts and this way the trend of criticism towards the Pakistan team spread on a wide range. But on the other hand, some cricket fans also understood that it’s just a game and someday or the other the teams have to face the defeat, so some fans also came into support for the Pakistan team.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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