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A little chef: 3-year-old surprises social media users with his knowledge of ingredients!

A video worth watching today is this one where you can see a 3 year old literally making everyone awestruck. Well, the video was shot at Adrish which is a zero-waste store chain. Talking about the Fame of the video you can guess it as it has got more than 78000 views. Also the comment section of The video is filled with so many adorable comments from people around the globe. Also how can we forget that the video is getting spread virally. 

The viral video of a 3 year old boy:

Well many people are coming across at and thus there are more than 500 comments found on this viral post. Talking about the video, the advent of quick food deliveries makes people forget what traditional foods are. All so many are so busy in their day-to-day life that they mostly go for either pre-cooked food. Or they have just something from a nearby restaurant. 

There are so many people who actually don’t know the names of pulses and spices that exist. Also many people don’t know what are the things that you can actually find in the grocery stores that make a food complete. But this 3 year old boy named Abir will totally shock you. He is not the one who is going to live his life eating foods from restaurants or pre-cooked meals. This video was shared by his mom Sonika Bhasin and it is now taking the internet by storm. 

The great knowledge of the little kid:

You can actually see this little boy totally showing what real food means to have. Sonika is a media professional who actually shares content about her low waist and sustainable lifestyle. Well, her social media handle is filled with such amazing posts. Her son Abir is someone who can actually easily name different ingredients that you will find in a normal grocery store. In the short video clip, you will find the little 3 year old boy easily naming spices and pulses.

 He also names ingredients like bay leaf, cardamom, and badi elaichi. Badi elaichi is black cardamom. The fact that is more interesting than this is the young boy being able to differentiate between different pulses. Even grown adults find it very difficult to find different types of pulses that actually look so similar. He was able to tell the names masoor daal, chana daal, toor daal, and moong daal so easily. You can also hear his mother encouraging him in the video after they actually guess all the ingredients perfectly correctly. an Instagram user who came across the video wanted to praise the little kid. 

Well, expressing awe, the user commented, “The fact that he knows the difference between chana and toor daal is enough for me to give him a medal 👏❤️. Smartypants!!”. Another social media user also said in the comment section of the post, “Such a cutie!! 😍He knows more lentils and masalas than I knew. I used to call them yellow and orange and black daal… 😂”. Surely it is an amazing video to watch today that will bring a smile to your face.

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