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Viral video: A friend surprises her best buddy on her 90th birthday!

Well, we always get to see so many amazing heartwarming videos on the Internet. Thanks to the different social media platforms that keep sharing with us no matter where we are across the globe. Well, talking about it, one video is going very viral and is actually hitting the headlines nowadays. The Internet is again filled with another wholesome video which will surely melt your heart if you give it a look. Well, currently a video of a woman surprising her friend is taking the internet by storm. The main reason behind this is that her friend turns 90 in the video and both the old friends are totally enjoying seeing their time. 

A heartwarming video:

Well, the video lasts for only 37 seconds but it is for sure enough to make your day better. One can actually see a red-haired lady who is an elderly woman approaching another woman in the video. The background shows that they both are present in a restaurant. So as an old lady approached her friend she asked, “Is this seat taken?”. When the birthday woman looks up and meets her friend she totally is left amazed. The old woman bursts into tears and covers her face which is enough to show how happy she is. The priceless reaction is what is catching a lot of attention on the Internet today. 

All the other people who were present in the video were they heard laughing after watching their amazing reaction. Also many were seen smiling and were loving the enduring reunion that they were getting to see. After recovering from the amazing surprise at the birthday women’s Court she and her friend both embrace each other. And also you can see that both of them write the tears of joy on that day. The famous viral video was originally posted by a social media user whose account goes by @nicolecasperr. 

Netizens reaction to the beautiful bond:

The video was initially posted on the famous social media platform of TikTok. Now, you will actually get to see the video on other social media platforms as it is getting crazily shared everywhere. The caption on the video stated, “Here’s the moment my grandma’s best friend came and surprised her for her 90th birthday”. In Instagram, the video was shared by the Good News Correspondent on their handle. Well, the clip has got more than six lakh times viewed. Also actually you can find more than 10,000 comments in the comment section of the viral video. 

Talking about the comments, many social media users who came across the video expressed how happy and surprised they were after watching it. Many also praised the long-lasting friendship and the beautiful Bond that both the ladies shadow. committing on there is a beautiful friendship Bond Instagram user stated, “Friendship back in the days are different, being able to keep in touch without relying on technology is something else, so glad they could see each other”. Well, another social media user commented in the comment section of the post saying, “What a true friendship. You can see by their reactions. ”.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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