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A Maharashtra traffic police officer offers water to a thirsty monkey!

One of the most amazing videos going very viral on the internet today brings a smile to everyone’s face. It is excellent to know how the internet can sometimes bring such good content to us. Well, this content is something that you should look at. Talking about it in this heartwarming video that has gone so viral on several social media platforms, you will get to see a traffic police officer. He is seen offering water to a thirsty monkey in this viral video.

 Talking about this incident happened in Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra. This short viral video clip was initially posted on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda. However, now it is spreading like wildfire on the internet, and everybody is ready to post this video again and again. The videos are also getting sad at an extensive range, and everybody around the globe is watching them right now. 

The kindness of the police officer:

In the now-viral video, you can see a traffic police officer, Sanjay Ghude. He is the video. He is offering water to a thirsty monkey. Talking about the details, he is seen gently holding the bottle while the animal is drinking from it, looking very thirsty. One of the passersby stood and watched the incident. At the same time, this is another person who decided to capture an unforgettable moment with his camera. All thanks to this person as we got to see the recorded wholesome moment. 

Once this video was available on the internet, it started spreading to a wide range. Now it has got more than 43,000 views on it. All the social media users from around the globe are pleased by the kindness of Sanjay Ghude. Also, to make a note of the comment section of the post is getting so many excellent reviews from people around the globe. Also, all the social media users, especially in India, feel proud of him. 

Reactions by the social media users:

Well, praising the police officer who showed such a sweet gesture towards the animals. One of the social media users who came across the rummaging video road in the post’s comment section said, “Tears in my eyes after seeing this video”. “Be kind whenever possible. This video of constable Sanjay Ghude is circulating on social media for all the good reasons,” says the caption of the fantastic video that is a must to watch. another social media user who came across this video commented, “Well done, sir. This is humanity.” 

There were so many excellent comments in the post from people who loved this video. It is great to watch such humanity and kindness that still exist among people. Helping out animals is always of attention, especially if it gets on online platforms. Many people also started racing; they are concerned in the comment section of this viral going video. People wonder how animals can be suffering if there is no one helping them out.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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