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Adorable video clip of a dog has triggered laughter online! It asks for some snacks!

It is excellent to know how to pet animals tend to make a day even if they are doing absolutely nothing. We find so many adorable posts and videos of animals showing cuteness which is indeed melting the hearts of many people. Especially people who love watching videos of pets showing the adorable to something that is very much entertaining for many. One such video is going wildly viral on the Internet, and all the social media is in love with that. 

Many people who came across the video fell in love with him, and this video watched something. Especially if you are a dog person, this video will surely melt your heart in no seconds. Talking up on the incident shows the dog is trying to look somewhere in the middle of the two seats, and he is trying to adjust his face in the space he has to grab a snack. Well, it relentlessly is pleasing its George in the middle of the two seeds. This catches the attention of the passengers. 

The viral adorable dog’s video:

Further in the video, you will see more clearly that it lips the seat and shows his teeth. The viral video clip was initially posted on Instagram by the Instagram user hugoandursula. The user behind it, Ursula Daphne Aitchison, also shared photographs of the dog. Talking about the dog’s shenanigans, the post’s caption said, “Would you share your snacc [sic] with him?” all the social media users who came across the adorable post were left completely speechless. 

Many social media users also have seen sharing their love for the dog and the post. “Not only I’d share my meals Hug, but you can also have my lap & scratches too,” commentator social media user in the comment section of the post talking about the incident. As soon as the post was shared online, it started getting a lot of attention from people around the globe. The Instagram handle named the dogs of Instagram also shared the photographs. “Hi, would you mind sharing your snacc [sic] with me?” — @hugoandursula That’s a definite yes from us!” said the beautiful caption of this adorable post.  

A similar adorable story:

Aitchison’s Instagram bio states, “A girl ( Ursula ) + two golden boys (Hugo & Huxley).” Her account has many videos and photos of dogs. Recently one more similar video of a pet dog was something that was winning millions of hearts on the Internet. In the video, we got to see a Canadian couple finally meeting their pet dog from India. The viral video clip has been going around on the Internet, and everybody is left stunned after watching the video. Talking about the viral video, you will see the couple having their first moment of meeting their pet dog. 

They adopted the Indian stray dog who was from the streets. As per the reports, the dog went through adoption through the Dharamsala Animal Rescue in India. Many social media users, especially the Indians, were happy for the dog, and it finally had a home and an adorable family to live it.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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