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A man makes dosa with onions, dry fruits, cheese and cherries in a viral video. Here is how the Internet reacts!

We usually can find many food videos on the internet which are sometimes loved by social media users and sometimes they hate the crazy bizarre recipes of the dishes. These bizarre food items and combinations usually get viral because of people trying out new recipes to create new versions of already existing dishes. 

Often Twitter reacts to such clips with their thoughts, opinions, and comments. Well currently a recipe of dosa is trending on Twitter and many social media users who watched the clip were shocked by the recipe. The video clip went viral when a social media user posted a video of a man making dosa with cheese, paneer, cherries, dry fruits, and vegetables. The dish is called Dilkhush Dosa and a man is preparing it by a roadside stall. It was first posted in August by YouTuber Harry Uppal and the clip lasts for 59-seconds. 

source = indiatoday

Later the video was posted to Twitter by user Deepak Prabhu on September 5 which went viral. In the video clip, we can see the man spreading the dosa batter on a Tawa then he rubbed a slab of butter on it. Next, he added chopped onions, cabbage, and capsicum apart from dollops of coconut chutney. Later in the video clip, he is also seen adding grated paneer, and dry fruits such as cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins. To the filling, he also added jeera powder and garam masala and mashed everything. 

Lastly, he added coriander leaves, grated cheese, and cherries into the filling, and rolled the dosa. After cutting the dosa into pieces he garnished it with grated cheese and cherries before serving. Well for the show this was one of the most different recipes of dosa that you will have ever seen and thus this video instantly got viral after it got posted on Twitter. The video has got thousands of views. However,  many social media users hated this version of dosa after watching this particular recipe. 

To the post made by Deepak Prabhu, netizens reacted by commenting how disgusted they were by seeing the dosa recipe. The comments were filled with many comments that hated the idea of Dilkhush Dosa. Dosa is indeed a very famous South Indian dish that many Indians love to have but this particular recipe of dosa did not make many people happy with the recipe. “This obsession with cheese has ruined so many food items,” a user said. Another Twitter user commented, “This is an insult to dosa.” Many social media users were also amazed by the fact that this man could think of creating such a version of dosa.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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