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Fast and Furious 9 review: Plot and everything else you should know about!

As F9 is released now many fans were highly expecting a lot from the movie and many have also now stated that it did not meet the expectations. As per the cast of the movie we can see Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, John Cena, Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron playing the main roles in the film. This part of the movie’s series of Fast and Furious is directed by Justin Lin and for the rating of the movie has only one star. 

Well, the main part of the movie revolves around when Dominic Toretto i.e. Vin Diesel believed that his younger brother Jakob i.e. John Cena is the reason for his father’s death. He is seen saying “Tell me, why did you kill dad?” Before his younger brother can answer, Dom says ” Now let’s race.” Well, the characters in the movie had many dialogues which did not make sense and also the conversation between many characters included all about car races. 

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At the beginning of the film, we can see the flashback of Dom with his brother named Jakob who he never mentioned earlier and both brothers are seeing their father Jack Toretto who is played by J.D. Pardo in a race. Their father died in the accident which was caused when a rival’s car hit Jack’s car and it exploded after it hit a wall. After this incident, Dom is imprisoned as he nearly beat his rival to death. 

 Then the movie comes back to the present time where Dom is seen retired and living a peaceful life with his wife Letty Ortiz who is played by Michelle Rodriguez. They both have a son named Brian and the plot becomes twisty when Dom’s long-lost brother becomes a part of a plot concerning a device which controls wicked elements of the society and can control the world and can hack into things. The main reason for Jacob to turn into an evil person was his brother being mean to him. 

Not only was the plot not up to the mark but also the acting of the actors in the movie was pretty bad and the bad script made it much worse. The stunts of the movie were also something that did not impress many fans. In a sequence, we can see Tej and Roman sitting in a car fitted with rocket engines, so that it cannot go into orbit to destroy a satellite. Talking about the lead actor Vin Diesel is not by any stretch of the imagination a good actor and also his attempts to look threatening became very comical. However, John Cena was very much good in her recent from the suicide squad where she was playing a villain that was so generic and it went completely out of place even in the fast and Furious movie.

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