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A man rows for reaching his Wife in India from Thailand!

We usually find beautiful love stories on the Internet and social media platforms and then. Many of these love stories melt our hearts whereas in some of them everything tears our eyes. When each one of them is unique and its own way and people absolutely love to know about each one’s love story. Well once love story is going very much and people are absolutely going crazy about it. 

We often hear that love has no boundaries and this phrase is something or that is very famous among the lovers. Well things like this man actually took this phrase to a whole new level. He actually broke all the boundaries in order to try to see his wife. Well, as per the reports this man did not plan a well ill-equipped to cross the vast distance in order to meet his wife. 

A true love story:

He had an inflatable boat that had no navigation system. Also the water and food that he was carrying was not sufficient for his entire journey. Well however he did try to prove that people are actually willing to cross oceans in order to just meet the love of their life. Often here people travel thousands of Miles for the sake of their love. However Ho Hoang Hung, a Vietnamese man, proved this right. He actually went for a journey in order to row almost 2,000 kilometers. Well according to the sources his journey actually began from Thailand and he was rowing to India to meet his wife. 

As per the report his wife is currently living in Mumbai. Unfortunately his journey couldn’t be completed because he was not very sufficiently acquisited to cross this vast distance. Also he had no food and water which will be making it very hard for him to travel so many miles far away. was actually received by the Thai Navy on March 23 2022. As per the reports this man was spending around 18 days in the sea in order to reach his wife. And after 18 days he was rescued successfully. Hung while speaking to the Thai Navy stated that he was compelled to make this huge journey . 

His failed attempts:

Well because of the strict pandemic restrictions he was not able to meet his wife for around 2 years now. The 37-year-old arrived at the Suvarnabhumi airport in Thailand from Vietnam on March 2. Well, he was hoping to get on a flight to India. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side and he was not able to get a visa to travel to India. He later tried to even book a bus to Phuket where he brought an inflatable boat. 

Then on March 5 he came up with a decision to row it all the way to the Indian coast. well as per the reports that is given by the guardian he was unable to make a lot of progress and his journey. He kept on traveling for days and still was not able to cover around 80 km off the Thai mainland. He was first seen by the fishing boats and later got reported to the authorities. 

Eventually the authorities did reach to rescue him. The incident and the entire story of this man was actually on the Facebook page of  The Thai Navy posted. As soon as the story of this man was available online it went crazy viral and people from India as well as Thailand are going all crazy about it. The Facebook official page also showed the pictures of  Hung. While sharing the pictures the Thai Navy said, “No matter how big the ocean is it can’t block this man’s true love.”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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