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Members of Blue Tigers praying together before the match goes viral!

We football fans who actually love everything about the Indian teams came across a picture of them that is going super viral on several social media platforms. Well all the football fans on Saturday came to know that the Blue tigers as the team is fondly called did not win the match. However, one of the pictures is going so final on the Internet that people are going all wow about it. The picture as per the reports was actually taken during the post match period.

 As soon as it was shared online it started winning thousands of hearts on the Internet. Also all the football fans who came across that are absolutely loving this post match picture. Talking about this amazing picture it shows the team on a Saturday March 26 2022. The pictures were shared on the official Twitter handle of the Indian football team. 

The viral picture:

There were a bunch of pictures showing the team before the start of the friendly match. According to the sources the match was along with Belarus. Well, one of these pictures is what is actually making the headlines today. Talking about this viral picture it has encapsulated the beautiful essence of what many social media users called: “unity in diversity”. In the now-viral picture, you will get to see three players of the Indian men’s football team of. They are present praying before the match starts. 

Well, talking about the picture, the special fact in it is that all the three players are there praying according to the different customs. It is with respect to the three different faiths they follow. While sharing this viral picture on Twitter social media users commented, “This photo of the Indian football team says a lot about India’s ‘real’ strength @IndianFootball”. Another social media user who came across this amazing photograph said, “Best Pic of Indian Football Team #indianfootball”. Well, even though as per the reports the blue tigers lost the match on that day they won many hearts on the Internet. 

Unity in diversity:

Now the picture is going around the internet and everybody who came across that is absolutely loving it. Well, also many football fans are now sharing this picture on their social media handles and making it more viral. Belarus won the match by scoring three goals in the second half. According to the sources this friendly match was happening at the Bahrain. This match was also as a part of the preparations for the upcoming 2023 AFC Asian Cup. 

Well, as per the reports by Goal, an international football news website, this time the Indian team consisted of seven new players. Talking about the seven numbers in the team, it includes Prabhsukhan Gill, Danish Farooq, Aniket Jadhav, Roshan Singh, VP Suhair, Hormipam Ruivah, and Anwar Ali. Well, the seasoned players like Sunil Chhetri and Sahal Abdul Samad were not a part of the team at this time. Also the reason behind this is owing to injuries. Well all the team did not make it to the winning title all the fans are really proud of them of.

 Also many are supporting and showing their love for them in the comment section of this post. Seems like this post of the praying together has got a lot of attention around the globe. Also there are many other fans who actually loved the fact that they have such a unity together. Seems like a true example of having unity even in a diverse condition. Well, truly does one of the most amazing pictures of football teams during the post match period. Many people were also proud of them for respecting each other’s religion. And for being together in a post praying for their upcoming match.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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