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A man working in DMRC sets a new record of fastest time to travel to all metro stations in Delhi!

This man is now making it to the headlines and is taking the social media platforms by storm. A man named Prafull Singh broke all the previous records and is now making the impossible possible. He was able to cover a distance of around 348 km in 16 hours and two minutes only. This man is now a new record holder and many people on social media platforms.

A new record set:

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has recently made an official statement stating that Prafull Singh is actually one of their employees. He was able to enter the Guinness World records as he successfully recorded the “Fastest time to travel to all Metro stations”. Also as per the DMRC statement Singh achieved this amazing milestone by covering all the metro stations. It is in the national capital comprising a distance of 348 km. He was able to cover all the metro stations in 16 hours and 2 minutes. 

Talking about these amazing achievements DMRC also wrote about it on their office or social media account. Now the posts are also going very much viral, everybody sharing it with everyone they know. As per the post which was shared on Tuesday DMRC they wrote, “DMRC family is proud of Prafull’s feat”. According to the sources, back in 2017 A man named Adam Fisher was able to record the fastest time to travel. 

 The Previous Records:

He was able to go to all the stations and the Madrid metro in just 12 hours and 15 minutes and he took 48 seconds extra. Then next in 2019 there was another record stated where this man was able to record the fastest time to travel. He went to all Rotterdam metro stations in 4 hours 2 minutes and 10 seconds only. Fisher, previously also stated about his fascination with Subway systems. He was someone who loved it and thus she held the records for the fastest time to travel. 

It is to all the stations at the Paris metro and New York Subway. with 254 stations the Delhi metro has the largest operational metro network in India. The stations under Noida aqua line and rapid metro goregaon added to the network. So then the number of the stations went up to 286. Talking about its phase of development, the Delhi metro consists of three lines and many citizens know about it very well. 

In 2022 it has developed into an extensive network of 12 lines right now. The Delhi metro is also followed by the Hyderabad metro as per the reports. It has a railway length of 69.2 KM. Talking about the Bengaluru metro, it has a railway length of 56.1 km.  Well, talking about the new records at all the social media use is very happy for the Indian man to break all the previous records. There is another record holder in our country now and later something totally amazing for sure. All the social media users are now going crazy about it.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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