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The world’s most expensive fries were tried by professional speed eater Kevin Strahle!

One of the craziest news that is going crazy viral on the social media platform regarding this expensive dish. Well, the famous Professional speed eater Kevin Thomas Strahle has once again made it to the headlines. Well he currently devoured the coveted Crème de la Crème Pomme Frites. as per the reports this expensive for eyes are actually price that amount $200. also the reports claim that these fries are available at a restaurant and New York. 

World’s most expensive fries!

The New York’s Serendipity 3 restaurant is one of the most famous places in the City. Also, the  Guinness World Records game of the video and poster on its official account showing the professional speed eater Kevin Thomas Strahle. He is seen enjoying a plate of the world’s most expensive fries. well before he learns all the steps of the recipe to make this amazing expensive fries. Talking about the viral video clip,it has got more than 3.6 lakh views currently on the internet. 

Also as per the reports the video was posted only on Tuesday. It shows us Strahle visiting the upscale restaurant Serendipity3. It is located in New York’s Manhattan. Later chef Freddie Schoen-Kiewert walks him through the three-step process of making the recipe. The coveted Crème de la Crème Pomme Frites is now becoming the hot topic of the town. Well many social media users who came across the video found the cooking process really interesting. Also to make a note of it includes all the high prices ingredients and it.

The viral video:

Ingredients such as truffle oil and upstate chipper back potatoes are added. Also, shaved black summer truffles from Italy, pure cage-free goose fat from France, and even 23k edible gold dust topping are some of the other few ingredients. Also as per the reports these fries are served with the restaurant’s signature sauce. It is the Mornay sauce. Overall this dish costs around $200 which is around Rs 15,000. After showing the detailed process of cooking these fries it is finally served to Strahle who finishes the whole plate. 

Also according to the sources he finishes the entire dish just in under three minutes. While devouring the dish, he also tries to explain the taste of the fries. He says, “There’s earthy notes; the grass, the hay. I never thought I would say I tasted hay but it’s amazing.” He later adds, “I think it’s amazing that I’m eating gold”. In the now viral video another chef at the restaurant, Joe Calderone, explains about it. He stated that they made the “most expensive fries” to mark the occasion of “National French Fry Day”. Serendipty3 is also famous for their  other record-breaking dishes on their menu. It also includes the world’s most expensive sandwich priced at $214. Which is around Rs 16000.

 The world’s most expensive milkshake priced at $100 (more than Rs 7,000) and world’s most expensive ice cream is priced at $817 (Rs 60,943) is also part of the menu. Well would you ever like to give it a try if you ever get a chance?

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