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A Mexican rapper shocks many netizens by getting a gold chain hook implanted into his scalp!

Many celebrities go for hair extensions and wigs just to look more attractive to their fans. But this particular rapper from Mexico took it to a whole new level by getting gold chain hooks surgically implanted into his scalp. He recently released a new music video with his new look. His new look shocked many of his fans and other social media users and also many doctors are raising concerns regarding the surgery done. 

Rapper Dan Sur’s recent TikTok video of him went viral showing his new metallic hair with a gold chain adorned with even gems and diamonds replacing hair on his scalp. The 23-year-old musician said, “first rapper … in human history” to rock an assortment of gold chains as “hair” — hanging from hooks. He went through surgery for implanting gold chains into his scalp.

source = remonews

As per Caracol TV reports, he had surgery in April earlier this year.  Well, the cost for the surgery is not known how. After the release of his new song ‘Oro’, surrounded by gold bars and gold lizards, his look went extremely viral. Well, his teeth were encased in the gold metal as well. In a video, by NME he said  “The truth is that I wanted to do something different because I see that everyone dyes their hair. I hope not everyone copies me now.” 

Many netizens wondered whether the chains were real or not. However, he claimed it’s all authentic. The true fact is that the procedure can be really risky and it has raised concerns by many people who have watched his post and videos with his new look. According to a plastic surgeon, Dr Frank Agullo, he said that getting a scalp implanted is a very uncommon procedure that at the same time has a lot of risks. These kinds of implants are not that safe. 

“They introduce an easy path for bacteria between the outside world and the internal body. In this case, the bone covering the brain. In addition, I am concerned about the amount of weight these hooks are supporting,” the health expert said. He also said, “The weight or any accidental tug on a band of gold could cause the implant to dislodge and even fracture.” Also, it is true that you cannot sleep peacefully with metallic hair and it can really be challenging.  However, Sur is not alone as Rapper Lil Uzi Vert, also went viral earlier this year when left the internet in a frenzy; he spent around $24 million on a “natural” pink diamond he had embedded into his forehead.

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