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A new campaign of ‘Coca-Cola – Khud Ko Jagaa, Ek Thanda Lagaa’ goes viral!

The famous brand of Coca-Cola is coming up with a new campaign ‘Coca-Cola – Khud Ko Jagaa, Ek Thanda Lagaa’. You will get to see famous Indian actors Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter In the new campaign. Talking about it, Coca-Cola is encouraging people to stay in the country. They are especially targeting the youngsters to get a break from their hectic daily life and enjoy a Coke.

The new campaign:

 With this new Coca-Cola empathizes with the youth. It’s like the brand is showing a glimpse of how you are supposed to ‘take breaks’. They state how it is important for us to have time for ourselves and why not enjoy it with a drink. The youngsters are facing increasing obstacles in their daily work life every single day. Not only professional eyes but also personal life has a lot of obstacles for many of us. So the lively campaign idea was from the Coca-Cola brand in order to show how they can enjoy a drink. This will not only help them to relax the mind and body but also will make them feel refreshed. So on the TVC, the director of Coca- Cola category for India and Southwest Asia,  Kaushik Prasad commented.

 He stated, “The last two years have been unprecedented for everyone, and people across age groups have found themselves grappling with multiple uncertainties and challenges”. “The pandemic has particularly impacted youngsters who have juggled between multiple responsibilities, to cope with the new normal and often find themselves needing breaks to recharge. We at Coca-Cola understand this and with our new campaign, urge our audiences especially the youth to take these much-needed breaks during their hectic days, esp when their energy is down to uplift, energize & recharge themselves with a delicious “Thanda” (cold Coke).”

The concept behind the campaign:

Later he added, “The youth icons, Janhvi Kapoor and Ishan Khatter have brought their own liveliness and energy to the campaign film which is indeed very refreshing.”  Coca-Cola will be working with Ishaan Khatter. The actor said “I am bubbling with enthusiasm on being the face of Coca-Cola, the beverage that is an indelible part of our lives! Excited to share this campaign for the OG ‘Thanda’ with everybody.” Beautiful upcoming actor Janhvi Kapoor added, “Coke is an iconic brand. It’s my go-to drink for every reason and season. I am delighted to be part of the Coca-Cola family. I look forward to energizing teens with a dose of ‘Thanda’ this summer.” 

Talking about the lively campaign by the company in India it is going to build upon a concept. It is of ‘Khud Ko Jagaa, Ek Thanda Lagaa’. Well, the whole idea behind this concept is to actually give a look at the drink of coca-cola. It is the ‘perfect partner for when the slump gets to you and you need a break’. The concept of the film is by McCann World Group. Sambit Mohanty, McCann Creative Head (South) spoke about the campaign. Sambit said, “It’s peak summer, you’re fatigued and in a state of a slump. What better than a chilled bottle of Coke to leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted! Our new ‘Khud ko Jagaa, Ek Thanda Lagaa’ campaign, is a manifestation of what happens in these circumstances. The films starring Ishaan & Janhvi play on the natural chemistry between them with Coke as a catalyst.” Well, it is true that both Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter have a huge fan following. So many are excited about it.

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