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Viral video: Staff acts fast to catch crocodile that escaped from zoo van.

Some incidents happen so quickly that we do not have time to think how to come out of it. There can be really tough situations where absolutely blocks are mindl from working. Well in such cases the smart thinkers always come up with a solution that works on definitely. So one such incident happened and it is going very well on the Internet. All the people who came to know about the incident and watched the video were left completely shocked. The residents of Florida in the US are hardly alarmed by any appearances of crocodiles. It is not very often that they come across the animal.

 Well, recently they were surprised when one just appeared from nowhere. The residents spotted a huge crocodile running away from my zoo van. The video was caught on camera and the staff is wrestling with the huge reptile as seen in the video. Now this reptile took the internet by storm with a shocking video. The very shocking incident happened when the St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park was shifting. The staff of the zoo were trying to relocate the animals they had. As per the reports, the zoo stated that all the reptiles they had were secured. They were sure that they placed all of them safely in the vehicle. However, “this animal broke the back window of the van and made a dash down the road.”  

The escape of crocodile:

Thankfully the staff which was present at that time was quick to act upon the situation. They were able to recapture it and send it to a new place safely. So thus, the crocodile was delivered to its new habitat without any further issues. “This is why we have extensive training and do drills, to prepare for moments like this,” said the zoo while sharing the amazing video. The zoo shared the video on the official Facebook page. However it is true that this scary video triggered a sense of panic among many social media users. Also the people who were on the street at that time were left completely shocked and scared. 

The quick action by the staff:

Later the zoo stated, “At no time was there any real danger as the animal’s mouth was secured.” Highlighting the fact of “girl power”, the zoo alao reptile keeper Karsyn. They were also very thankful to general curator Gen Anderson who recaptured the crocodile quickly. Both of them were also assisted and helped by Ryan and Donald. They are from the maintenance team as per the post. Thankfully as per the sources no one was injured. 

Not only the zoo staff was safe but also the people on the street were also safe. If the people working at the zoo did not take quick actions the events would have been very bitter. Luckily nothing bad happened and many social media users also praised the zoo staff. It is very hard to think of such situations when a huge crocodile is running across the streets. It could have harmed anybody easily including the Zoo staff. However at the end everything was sorted out easily all thanks to the maintenance team.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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