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A new logo for vegan foods launched by FSSAI, know about it here

In today’s world, the rise of veganism has been increasing day by day as the consumption of vegan food products is also increasing to a great extent. Because of this, FSSAI (Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India) has announced and designed the new logo so that it can help the consumers to easily identify and differentiate from nonvegan foods.

Well talking about the logo, the logo is now considered as a new green color logo which is in the form of a V in the middle of a square box and it also includes a small plant on top of it and vegan written at the bottom. Now according to the Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India, this design will now resonate with the current logo that is a dot in the middle of a square which differs a little bit for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian products. Well, according to a Twitter post which was made by Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union health minister, as he introduced the logo, he said, ” @FSSAIIndia launched a logo for vegan foods to help consumers easily identify and differentiate from non-vegan foods. This will empower the people to make informed food choices.” And posted a photo of the vegan logo which describes each and every symbol of the overall logo. 

FSSAI already has some logos for vegetarian and non vegetarian foods which is actually a dot inside of the box in green and brown colors for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food respectively. According to the report of ANI, Arun Singhal, CEO of FSSAI, said to ANI while launching the logo that, “earlier we had logos for vegetarian (green dot) and non-vegetarian foods (brown dot). We have a growing movement towards veganism, so we have come out with a vegan logo.”

Talking about the idea of the logo, well this logo was actually developed by Kruti Manish Rathore of Mount Caramel College in Bangalore. Currently, Kruti Manish Rathore is pursuing a master’s in food science and nutrition. And from now on it will be mandatory that all the vegan foods will be mentioned with this logo and this logo has to be there on their packaging so that the people who prefer vegan foods can easily find it. 

For those who want to know more about veganism, here it is:

According to Ruchi Sharma, a nutritionist and the founder of an EAT.FIT.REPEAT, while talking about veganism to The Indian Express in one of their earlier interviews, she said, “veganism (vegan diet) is a kind of lifestyle that tends to exclude all forms of meat and products that are derived from some animals, since the vegan society things all animals have the right to be free of human use, whether be it for food, clothes or any other useful purposes.” According to her, there are vegetarians who consume animal by-products like milk, eggs, or even honey. But veganism differs from that as they do not allow the consumption of any animal-derived product, even milk, honey, meat, eggs, whey, casein, or even the products like leather, silk, beeswax, Latex, soap, and any other products that involve the use of animals. 

As the veganism concept has been promoted in India too, several companies have launched products like meat-based on plants, beverages made of plants, and many more. For example, recently Ritesh and Genelia Deshmukh introduced Imagine Meat venture which has been gaining a lot of attention for its plant-based meat offerings. Considering other popular brands and as an example, Urban Platter, RAW Pressery, Epigamia, Ahimsa Food, Vegeta Gold are some of the popular brands which can be considered best for vegan foods.

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