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Wasn’t the Bourbon biscuit longer? Britannia responded to it!

Our favorite food from our childhood, Times old movie we used to watch, or a memorable song we used to hear, again and again, these are some of the nostalgic memories that we can never forget. Those childhood favorite snacks will always be our favorite and one can never forget the essence of those nostalgic memories. But the years passed by and things have been changing a lot. Well but now the food items we used to love at that time are kinda becoming harder to find now and the ones which trigger all the nostalgic memories are being lost among all the adult problems. 

Vir Sanghvi, a food author, remembering his best childhood memories, had a query regarding the most loving biscuit of our childhood, actually one of the most lovable yet, Bourbon biscuit. According to him, the size of the tasty biscuit is kind of shrunk now. Well according to his tweet he made through his official Twitter account, he thinks that maybe this is only his imagination or his greed but it seemed to him that the biscuit size has shrunk, and he thinks that the size was longer. As he posted a picture of a Bourbon biscuit, he captioned it, “Is it just my imagination or greed but didn’t Bourbon biscuit used to be longer?” He tweeted to Britannia. 

As the tweet was made many people agreed with the food author and after a few hours even the Britannia company responded to this tweet. The Britannia company tweeted, “No change in size Vir. We know, expectations are big though.” Thus declining that there is any change in the size of the famous biscuit. And to this tweet, Vir Sanghvi also raised one more question, “No change since when?.” Well, it didn’t stop there as the Britannia company once again replied to his tweet and said, “Not in the last six years at least Vir. And we hope you have been having us more often than that.”

Well, surely this conversation and also the biscuit’s photo brought back all the nostalgic memories of the Twitter users as they started commenting on Vir Sanghvi’s post. Even Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra made a tweet regarding how much she misses her favorite biscuit that has now been discontinued. She even requested Britannia to bring back her favorite biscuit. She tweeted, “I agree, Vir! But what has upset me so much is that my childhood favorite Orange cream is no longer available – the repackaged treat is not even closer. Please Britannia brings them back.” To the tweet, Vir Sanghvi replied about the changes in the recipe, and he said, “They have changed too many of their recipes. Even Bourbon tastes different after 2015 revamp.”

The conversations among many Twitter users went on. Many Twitter users joined the debate and also posted their doubts and queries and also the complaints they have. One Twitter user commented about the changes she observed in the biscuit and said, “The taste, texture, and size all changed sometime back….” Another user also pointed out the differences in the taste and the shape as she commented, “I also feel it has undergone a shape change since before (maybe from more than 6 years) and the flavor also seems different.” Replying to this one user commented, “True. Previously it was more smooth, slender, firm, longer, and chocolaty. No more soda and less butter. And the biscuit starts breaking while opening the packet.” While another said, “Yes the flavor has definitely changed. I miss the old package too.”

Well, it seems like now the netizens want the taste of their favorite food items from childhood to remain the same and do not hope for a revamp or discontinuation of their childhood favorites.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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