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A newly married couple makes it to the headlines because of their dancing video with their pet dog!

We can see that social media is a platform where we can actually find a lot of content that attends to us every now and then. Many viral videos and viral posts are what you will find on Subway social media platforms that keep us attracted towards it for a very long time. Also if the videos are adorable and cute it tends to make people share it once they know and it becomes in such a way. Well once his video is spreading across the globe and people are not getting enough of it. We find so much adorable content on social media platforms that it always reasons with a smile on our faces. Especially the videos and posts related to animals and pets which makes us feel so happy about everything. 

People who have pets love to share the amazing life they live with them on social media platforms which are super adorable. Also we see that they become such a unique part of their life that understanding their own us so amazingly surprises many people. From every occasion to every family are also present with their family members and that is totally amazing to know. Well one such event dog had made the headlines did surprise many social media users who came across the video.

The viral wedding video:

 All the people who are seen in the video. The videos were something that not only made the couples wedding room dance to the famous song  Thinking Out Loud was playing when they were dancing. Well the pet dog also decided to accompany them and the other three by dancing together. The video is so cute that it actually leaves many people with a melting heart. Also it is winning minions of hearts of people around the globe who came across the video. In the end of the video you will also get to see the bride and groom planting a kiss on the dogs cheeks. 

The adorable trio:

It is something that is super fairytale -like and the cute gesture by the couple is making everyone fall in love with them. It is for sure that this video has also got a lot of reviews and acute reactions by people around the globe. Many people, especially the ones who have dogs, wanted to have a similar wedding like this couples and reactions by people in the comment section of the viral post.  it is not something that you actually come across and a cute video like this is something that you should really not miss.

Many comments in the comment section of the post are talking about how cute the three of them look together just like a small family. Also there are many social media users who talk about their real life experience of watching the same scenarios. Well it is true that many couples have their effects given a lot of importance on the big day. Many such videos went viral in the past few months at weddings, the center of attraction at weddings

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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