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A Pakistani man asks for free pizza, and Pizza Hut’s response is too hilarious!

Meaning of a slight pizza and it is surely one of the most loved dishes by all. It is better to say that almost everyone on this planet is absolutely in love with this Italian dish. And for having this tasty Italian dish surely a pizza lover can go up to any heights for this favorite food. Talking about this, what lengths can you go up to for your favorite food? Well, a Pakistani man has surely proved his great love for pizza as he directly treated Pizza Hut and asked for free food, based on a condition of a certain amount of likes. And as this conversation is getting viral Twitter couldn’t keep calm. In addition to this, the Pizza Hut response to the man is indeed making everyone laugh out loud. 

A Twitter user named Zohad shared a screenshot of the conversation he had with Pizza Hut and it is getting viral on Twitter. As per the screenshot he shared it can be seen that Zohad first asked about how many likes he would need on his tweet so that he can get one extra-large Pizza, 6 garlic bread, and also one bottle of coca-cola. And surprisingly Pizza Hut responded to his hilarious request. Pizza Hut responded with a figure of 10,000. So that means if Zohad gets 10,000 likes on his tweet maybe he will get what he wants!

As the Twitter user posted this on his official Twitter account he has also started a saga of waiting for the number of likes for the free food. The man’s tweet went viral on the internet and spread like fire as netizens cheered him so that he could get his free food from Pizza Hut. As Zohad posted the short conversation on his Twitter account he captioned, ” I mean it’s worth a try.”

After this tweet went viral netizens were not able to stay calm and they also joined in counting down the amount of time to reach the particular amount of likes Pizza Hut demanded. And as the tweets were so hilarious Pizza Hut couldn’t help themselves but also join the conversation that was happening in the comments. 

One Twitter user commented, “@PizzaHutPak unfair. Give the man of Pizza just for asking.” To which Pizza Hut replied, “there is no doubt that Zohad displayed great courage. Though 10k is non-negotiable…” another Twitter user commented, “update us with a picture of Pizza when it arrives bro, and @PizzaHuPakt you guys better hurry.”  

As the post has gained many likes and it has also crossed more than 10k likes well Pizza Hut had to take the next step and also after some time Zohad Twitter about another conversation he had with Pizza Hut. He tweeted the screenshot of the conversation and wrote, “will take two weeks? large only? Forget it, keep your pizza man don’t want it. This is disrespectful to all the people who participated. I am not going to Pizza Hut ever again.” 

Well, this conversation has led to some problems for Pizza Hut as they are getting a lot of DMs from many people requesting the same. Regarding this Pizza Hut took to their own Twitter page and tweeted about the huge number of DM they are receiving for free pizzas and the has also finally declined other future “likes competition”. Pizza Hut tweeted, “guys, the one we did with @Zohadtweets was the last ever likes for the Pizza competition we have done. We are getting lots of DMs and it’s almost humanly possible to respond to eat and every one. We will only do the best reply/ quote competition from now on! Apologies and stay happy!”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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