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The viral pic of a man and a pelican has led to many memes online, check here

We also sometimes feel like enjoying some “me time” by enjoying nature or listening to some music. But actually, this picture of a man in a park has been taken to Twitter and is getting viral at a fast pace for a completely different reason. This weird yet hilarious photo has gotten much attention from the people on the microblogging site and has also given rise to unexpectedly hilarious memes. This photo is not just the photo of a man enjoying the music while sitting on a bench but it is more interesting because it has a huge twist on it.

This picture of a man got so viral because the man was sitting next to a huge pelican, sitting on the same bench and very close to him. The picture shows the man was sitting on one end of the bench with the headphones on and in an oversized jacket. Well on the other hand the pelican was sitting quietly near to the man and the pelican was looking at him with an inquisitive expression. Well, the photo was clicked at the famous St James Park, located in London, by the photographer Lin. But it got more attention by the net results when it was posted by the journalist Eleanor Olcott. This post which was made by Eleanor Olcott has gained more than 59 K likes and many comments. This photo went quickly viral and spread like a fire on the internet which made netizens around the world stunned. It is also Sparked many memes online leading it to a meme Feast and many were busy cracking jokes on the scenario. And because of the unusual sight of man’s body language and the huge pelican, it was perfect for meme material. 

One Twitter user commented jokingly, “I have played enough video games to know, this bird has a side quest for him and information he will need for the rest of his journey.” And another Twitter user wrote, “I wonder if his universal translator is working.” People were also busy predicting the bird’s point of view by commenting, “what are you listening to?”,”what is the noise-canceling like on those mate?.”

Many were busy editing the photo and making memes which are very relatable. One user made a meme, “Me trying to relax for a minute” and “my anxiety.” While many others actually compared the old man with US senator Bernie Sanders and though they resemble each other in a great way. Us senator Bernie Sanders earlier got viral on the internet as his photo during the oath-taking ceremony of Joe Biden went viral. In fact, another user spotted this duo last Wednesday at the same place and surely people are digging this odd friendship. 

This odd friendship has attracted many people online and people are wondering what has gone through their minds while they look at each other and this photo was shot. His photo is weirdly hilarious as the reactions of both the man and the pelican are giving us some major meme goals for sure. The photo has given many ideas for all the meme creators out there and surely this post has triggered many memes online and has led to a meme Feast!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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