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A Pakistani news anchor starts laughing out loud after the interviewee compares bananas grown in Pakistan and India!

We often come across many funny videos, especially those that get caught in a live moment and cannot be ignored. From funny news anchors to media channels broadcasting funny live moments, the hilarious videos always tend to make our day and make us laugh even when we are not having a good day. Well, Currently a video clip from a news channel in Pakistan is going crazy viral on the Internet and all the social media users who have watched the hilarious video clip cannot just take their eyes off it. 

A news anchor in Pakistan is seen bursting out laughing during an interview. Well, the anchor tries hard to not to laugh out loud on her show but the funny interviewee was not helping the situation at all for sure. The interviewee was seen comparing bananas that are grown in India and Pakistan while the important discussion of developmental issues in the country was taking place in the news channel. A short clip of the incident from the interview has now gone viral on social media. 

All the social media users who have watched the video are left amused as well. “And the winner is, Bombay,” tweeted journalist @nailainayat while sharing the funny video.  Well, the video is a short one that lasts for only 54-second and, the anchor Alveena Agha is seen discussing the reasons for the country’s developmental problems. This is the point when Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, the person being interviewed, starts speaking. Ahmed speaks about the different varieties of bananas while showcasing their size by using his palm in the interview. 

Initially, Agha was paying full attention and was seen listening to Ahmed who talks about the bananas in Mumbai, followed by those grown in Bangladesh’s Dhaka. However, as the talk continues he goes on to speak about the tiny bananas grown in Sindh. Then he elaborates on why the country needs to do more research on the fruit and land to improve production. This was the point when Agha was unable to hold herself back. She is then seen bursting out laughing and the clip ends with Agha continuing to laugh while being joined by Ahmed too. 

Then he added that the country needs to focus on research and development for better growth. The video was soon available online and quickly got sad and several other social media platforms making it one of the most trendiest videos right now. The video was shared online and the video clip managed to get more than 4 lakh views. Also, this funny video clip has now more than 10,000 likes. Well, surely if you are having a boring day and wanting to watch something that can entertain you and as always bring a smile on your face when this video is something that you must give a look at.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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