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A Parent “Roger” took the initiative to drop kids at school amid bus driver shortage in Ohio

Bus driver shortage in central Ohio took an interesting turn when a parent took the initiative to drop children at the school.

It’s been a week since kids stayed home and skipped school due to school bus drivers’ shortage. Therefore, Roger came up with this idea to help them, but local school authorities were displeased by the move. 

Sean Roger decided to pull out at all bus stops to take the kids to school. On Friday at first, he took 25 Children’s, and on his second day, he took 42 children’s from his neighborhood,  Lindon, where he grew up.

source = ideastream

Roger said everybody was shocked at why a limo had stopped here and who was sitting in front. He further added,” We all talk about let’s help the local community, let’s stop violence, and all such types of stuff, and I feel like taking a big step in stopping violence is to take kids to school instead of them skipping school and going out and getting in trouble. 

Roger said,” A girl made me cry because she was so happy going back to school that she started crying.”

On asking about how he arranged Limo, Roger said, ” he borrowed  from his dad’s limousine  service.” 

Roger even posted on Facebook asking his community members if they want their children to go to school, they can contact him, he will travel all over Columbus to drop kids off at school in LIMO.

The bus driver shortage is now making an impact on kids. Columbus City School says at least 15 to 20% of the district’s school bus drivers called off last week almost every day at a board meeting. 

A parent Quetta Jaye said, ” he’s a blessing that helps a lot of kids out. 

Although parents are happy that Roger took the initiative and stepped up to help their children, the local school board is not happy with the situation. They say limo is not approved as student transportation; it’s not good.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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