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What is better than the new player shines like a star by making the country win.

Ricardo Pepi is the newest rising star who successfully scored the two goals for the United States and beat Jamaica in the qualifier. 

After the win on Thursday night in Austin, people gave a vision of the bright shining future for the Americans. The teenage forward Ricardo Pepi scored two goals to power the United States to its second straight win in World Cup qualifying. This such an 18-year-old teenager made the country and the 20,500 fans in attendance feel proud. The happiness of the stadium could be handled by the cheers and joyous vibes of the place. After beating Jamaica to a 2-0 victory, the United States made everyone shocked and happy at the same time. It was the fourth world cup qualifying match, and the United States became successful in winning it with the help of the shining star Ricardo Pepi. 

source = theathletic

It becomes unbelievable when a young talent shows its skills to make the country salute the player. It was just his second appearance, or you can say the second start for the national team. 

Austin stadium Q2 became magical after the historic win of the United States. 

The second half of the soccer match threw away the constant pressure from the Jamaican side as they were still dangling in the cellar of CONCACAF qualifying. It was all because of the powerhouse of talent named Ricardo Pepi. 

The most relishing thing is that the U.S coach Gregg Berhalter came to see the match from the stadium and commented that the Austin audience was amazing. The first half was the down show, but the second half was filled with great energy as there were great fans, a fantastic field, and a fantastic stadium. The atmosphere gets filled with so much positivity that it gives the players the required boost up. Austin, therefore, becomes the favorite place to play. 

When you see the game closely, it makes you more proud as Jamaica avoided two red flags – 1st in the first minute and second almost in the 32nd minute. In the first minute, the tucked-down moment took place to the U.S. attacker Paul Arriola. In the 32nd minute, it was a foul from Aaronson, but they managed to slip it aside. 

After all this, the men’s soccer game remained full of thrill, excitement, and mystery, which gave more hope and a bright future and a shining star with a powerhouse of talent- Ricardo Pepi.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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