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A Russian woman and a German man married in a traditional Hindu wedding! Know more

We come across many foreigners khushbu a great interest in Indian culture and also sometimes love to follow Indian culture. Whether it is Indian food or Indian festivals, foreigners are some way or the other attracted towards Indian culture and love to watch or take part to perform the things as per Indian culture. And we may have also come across many such foreigners who got married in the traditional Hindu way as they showed interest to do so. Similarly this German businessman’s son got married as per Hindu customs to a Russian woman. And the most amazing part is that they got married in Himmatnagar village in Sabarkantha, Gujarat and it was nothing sort of an awe-inspiring event for the locals. The amazing videos of the beautiful wedding are now doing the rounds on social media.

The bride, Julia Ukhvatkina, works in Vietnam as a teacher and is originally from Russia. She met the groom, Chris Muller, in Vietnam, where they fell in love, as the couple had a long courtship. Both of them showed a great interest in acquiring knowledge about religion. The couple were constantly trying to get information from different parts of the world, as they had a great interest in Indian culture. Julia came to India 8 times before this and was thoroughly inspired by Indian culture, and thus, it surely make sense why the couple decided to have a Perfect traditional Indian wedding!

source = indiatimes

Chris went to the Kumbh Mela last year. The two were quite attracted by Indian culture and thus they made a decision to get married according to Hindu rituals in the village of Sakrodia in Himmatnagar. Julia is an English teacher and also a yoga teacher. While Chris is the son of a wealthy German businessman. He is also the CEO of a German and Singapore-based company. And talking about Indian interests Chris is also inspired by the teachings of Dada Bhagwan.

Chris and Julia wanted to get married according to Hindu customs, and thus their wish was fulfilled by his friends Nilesh Chauhan and Bhagirath Patel, as Bhagirath’s father, Lalabhai, arranged the marriage. In fact, Lalabhai conducted the marriage in the absence of their family members. 

The groom, Chris Moller, said he was “very excited” to get married in such a unique way, and the couple were seen doing the seven rounds of Saptapadi in the courtyard of Lalabhai Patel’s house.

Not only did people throng Sabarkantha village to watch the wedding of the foreign bride and groom, but local leaders were also present to bless them, as Sabarkantha MP Deep Singh Rathore blessed the newlywed couple. It was a joyous occasion for Sakarodia village. The locals of the village also enjoyed reaching the pavilion to pick up Julia on Chris’s horse.

The video of the marriage went viral on YouTube and all other social media platforms and people were quite surprised by looking at the wedding video. The comment section of the video was filled with a lot of praise and happiness as people were quite happy to come across foreigners showing such a great interest in Indian culture and also love to follow it. The netizens were quite happy to see the couple getting married in such a traditional Indian cultural way. The comment section was also filled with many congratulatory messages for the newlywed couple.

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