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A US man lived in his office cubicle: Know the reason behind it!

Tiktok is such a platform that has a huge fan following for sure. many people around the globe are edited to the platform as you find so many nutrients coming up from it. people sharing their skills on the social media platform has become very much trendy especially since the pandemic. Well the video on Tiktok is so viral that it is going viral on several other social media platforms right now. 

This video was shared on TikTok by Simon . He shared his day-to-day life with his followers. You will see in the video about his daily life and his regular routine. However the fact that he actually lived in his office cubicle is what is going so viral. People who came across the video are left completely stunned right now. This man lives in the US and has moved into his office permanently.

A man living in office cubicle:

 As per the reports he started living in his office that is one of the cubicles to protest against the law salary that he was being paid. Well his protest is now catching the attention of people around the globe. He told his story in a video on Instagram account. Also, in the video you will get to see Simon documenting his daily life and describe it as homing from work. talking about the short viral video clip you will get to see a man unpacking his suitcase. He is making his living space in the clip. 

“This is me, taking all my belongings from multiple bags and unpacking them. I am moving from my apartment into my cubicle. They do not pay me enough to do both. As a matter of protest, I am just going to live at my job and see how long I can get away with it”. Well, this US man is storing his ham and canned pineapple which is worth $150 in the fridge. He then uses sleeping back to sleep under his desk. Also in the another viral video clip you will see Simon revealing that he took a bath atthe second building of the office. 

What happened next?

According to the sources he started living in his office cubicle after he switched the work to online mode. It was during the pandemic of Coronavirus. “They do not pay me enough to do both. So as a matter of protest, I am just going to live at my job,” he was quoted as saying in the TikTok video by 9Honey. “Nothing I’m doing is technically unlawful, it’s just frowned upon,” Simon was seen saying. It is while speaking to in another video. 

However later he was evicted from the office building. Along with the suitcases he left it and now lives on Airbnb. He said that he is doubtful of retaining his job now. “It’s likely going to end, it’s up in the air, shoes on their foot about whether or not it’s going to be quiet and nice or whether it’s going to be a whole thing. It’s up to them,” he said in a TikTok video while speaking to

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