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Social media users left awestruck! Watch the viral post of rainbow eucalyptus!

We social media users love to share the beautiful pictures of nature for sure. There are so many accounts that are very well famous for the photography skills of nature. People who love to capture the beauty of their environment and the surroundings in the camera and share it with many other people around the globe. Well many such posts go so much wider than it is getting famous among several other countries is what we get the news. 

However this time something totally amazing and mind blowing is what is going viral from India. Talking about it many social media users are addicted to the rainbow coloured trees and love it’s amazing natural colors. Yes there are such reasons not made artificially but naturally available and currently that news is what is hitting in the headlines. 

The rainbow eucalyptus tree:

One of the most beautiful trees of all times is for sure the rainbow eucalyptus. The amazing species of a tree is famous to be one of the most colorful trees in the entire globe. Many people share pictures and posts regarding this beautiful tree. Well, now the pictures of stunning eucalyptus trees are going very much viral as the IFSC officer has evolved in the netizens. An Indian Forest service officer came up with this amazing post sharing multiple photos of this tree. 

IFSC officer santhananda tweeted about it on Tuesday and the tweet is going viral right now. Talking about the tweet it stated, “The rainbow eucalyptus is the only eucalyptus tree indigenous to the northern hemisphere and happens to be the most colourful tree in the world. The rainbow effect is created as the bark peels off throughout each season, revealing the fresh, bright coloured bark below”. Social media users spoke with amazement while referring to this amazing species. Well, they compared it with a “natural painting” and currently the social media users are awestruck. 

A beautiful post:

The pictures of this amazing tree are going very much viral and have received hundreds of likes on the social media platform of Twitter. The beautiful rainbow eucalyptus tree is one of the fastest growing trees as per the reports it grows up to 60 to 75 m. The reason behind it is that it is widely famous for pulp production and also timber. This multicolored tree trunk in the eucalyptus tree is because of a phenomenon of regeneration full stock every summer on all of the rainbow eucalyptus trees, especially this one’s shred-it old barks.

 Then it leaves a fresh green bark skin. Then this green brak will over the time turns its colors. Well, it changes into red, dark blue and purple. Thus it gives the tree complete a rainbow shade color bark. Well different sections of a bark will peal off from the tree and they are eventually out by new ones. So the colorful bark that comes up on the three gives an overall appearance of a multi-colored rainbow tree. Thanks to all the beautiful bright colors on the three that at first look shows itself as it is artificial one nad paint looks unnatural on the rainbow eucalyptus tree. However it is all natural and is totally beautiful. 

Talking about this beautiful rainbow eucalyptus tree, it is native to the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Also it is present in many other countries that have also cultivated for commercial purposes. Many other countries also have beautiful rainbow eucalyptus trees for ornamental purposes. Many social media users came across the beautiful post by an officer and they were all happy. Also they are sharing the amazing pictures on their own accounts and to all the people they know. Something like this always makes us happy and makes us smile knowing how beautiful nature can be.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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