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a young man runs from Rajasthan to Delhi in just 50 hours to be a part of the Indian Army!

The story of this young man from Rajasthan who had only one dream to become an army officer in India is going wildly viral right now. Yes, we are talking about Suresh Bhichar from Rajasthan. He is one of those many people who aspire to join the Indian army every year. It is greater no how the youngsters of India want to contribute something towards they are country. Literally lakhs of people try to join the single army year. 

This 24-year-old young man from Rajasthan’s Nagaur took his passion to new heights. He always wanted to be a part of the Indian army and took many steps forward to join the military. This young man runs hundreds of kilometers every day to demand escalation in the force’s recruitment process. he came into the LimeLight when he was able to cover the distance of 350 km from Sikar Rajasthan to Delhi by just running. As per the reports by ANI, he was able to complete the entire journey of such a long-distance and just 50 hours. 

One inspiring story:

In Delhi, Bhichar was a part of a demonstration. It was held to protest against the delay in the army recruitment procedures. While speaking to ANI, Biochar said, “I’m very committed to being a part of the Indian army. However, there has not been any army recruitment for two years. Youth in places like Nagaur, Sikar, and Jhunjhunu surpass their age limit. I ran to Delhi to encourage the youth to join the army.” 

He added, “I used to start the run at 4 in the morning and stopped only after reaching a petrol pump by 11 am, where I rested and received food from the army aspirants in the nearby areas”. In the viral video clip where you can see them running towards Delhi, he carries the Indian national flag. This when instantly viral as soon as it was available on social media platforms. His fitness makes him look like he is a part of the Indian army.

Many people suggested that the army consider him because of his passion for being a part of the Indian army. Also, many people stated that he could be an excellent long-distance runner. They were also many comments setting that he would be able to represent the army in several search events, including marathons. 

The massive support from social media users:

Not only that, but he can also be a good sportsperson by looking at his fitness. Many people shared his entire journey on official social media accounts, and all are talking about his passion for being selected. So many people shared they are love and support him in the comment section of the viral going post. Many were proud of him for showing so much love towards the Army of India. 

As per the reports, the recruitment of army members was stalled for the past two years and is due to the coronavirus pandemic. For quite some time now, the aspirants have been demanding that the army recruit the members, and they want to start the procedure as soon as possible.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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